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  1. ostateweav

    Dreaded sense of inevitability

    I predict third and goal, a fade to the corner with Wallace. Third a short, a off tackle straight up the gut with Chubba.
  2. ostateweav

    ESPN+ Our Time: Oklahoma State Football Trailer

    I chose hoping to see more baseball. Then dammit. Disney was worth keeping the subscription. Glad I did.
  3. ostateweav

    Oklahoma State vs. Houston 2pm - ESPN

    Can't help but hold a grudge against ol experianced Fran now.
  4. ostateweav

    Random Bedlam Memories

    First and the last time that I witnessed a game in Memorial Stadium. Riding to the game in a van with a few ou folks I knew who said they wanted to treat me to some REAL football. Seats were great! 40 yard line little less than half way up. That game, Rashawn Woods caught the one in the corner...
  5. ostateweav

    Cowboy Basketball vs Charleston

  6. ostateweav

    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    And I can imagine our coach Boynton saying something like. Your good. But your going to have to earn your minutes if you choose Oklahoma State.
  7. ostateweav

    Delays on ESPN+

    I'll chk in to the Roku. It's been on my to do list. My kids talk about it but again,,,I discover. Sure doesn't take long to behind the times with this stuff. Thnks! again.
  8. ostateweav

    Delays on ESPN+

    Thanks again for the responses. I have decided on a new pc and have already pulled the trigger. Windows 7 is phasing out anyway and when we purchased this pc, live streaming was only a discussion for the future. Although it only seems like just yesterday, if you know how that goes. I mainly was...
  9. ostateweav

    Delays on ESPN+

    Thanks, I'll try the speed test. I'm watching on a monitor of a desk top computer. The wifi system is the latest Cox has to offer. I'm assuming the fastest. I have ran speed tests on my phone to chk the wifi speed and it tells me super fast. I'm probably down to calling Cox and thinking maybe...
  10. ostateweav

    Delays on ESPN+

    I guess stuttering is the best way, as described earlier. Miss a few steps on a lay-up and sometimes miss the whole play at the rim. At times the frame freezes all together. I have the most recent upgrade through cox cable but am still using windows 7. Sorry had to learn on the go about...
  11. ostateweav

    Delays on ESPN+

    Are they because of my computer or is it ESPN?
  12. ostateweav

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    Made KState look like a boring opponent.
  13. ostateweav

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

    It's what the defense was giving. Couldn't you tell?
  14. ostateweav

    Oregon State Look Alike Thread

    Well, to be fair. You could post a image of yourself and let everyone dog pile. With that said, I do think political correct is still a dumb idea.