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    Delays on ESPN+

    I have SuddenLink here in Stillwater. No problem with ESPN (watching the KU/Duke and MSU/Kent games)
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    Big XII Games Week 9

    TTU at KU should have went to OT. What the hell was the TTU player thinking tossing the football back (for the KU recovery) to give KU second chance for game winning FG ????
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    Silly Picture Thread

    Think they left out one key ingredient...........:whistle:
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    City of Stillwater thread

    Having lived in Austin, Tx for 30 years but now back in good ole Stillwater, I wish HEB Grocery would put a store here in Stillwater. HEB, if you read this, PLEASE put a store in Stillwater. :)
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    City of Stillwater thread

    Closed FOO Remodel
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    Austin Recommendations

    You'll LOVE the traffic !!! :cursing::cursing:
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    15 Year Member

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    Clear bag policy?

    I took a Baseball tour bus to baseball games in St Louis, Detroit, and Chicago (Cubs) in June. Not surprised we had to go thru gates exactly like gates at the airport (Remove all objects from pockets...go thru metal detector....etc).
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    15 Year Member

    July, 2020 = 15 years !!!
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    Clear bag policy?

    Last season I was in line to go thru a gate and one of the security guys said I could not bring my binoculars into the stadium. WOW, REALLY. (My season ticket is on the top row of the stadium, just in front of the Club seats). I just got out of line and went thru another gate. With...
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    Complementary Post from Hornfans

    Dang, I was really hoping, but not 4/20. Cut/paste from official oSu Football website: Personal: Dillon Lee Stoner was born Feb. 6, 1998 in Tulsa …Son of Steve and Kim Stoner … Agribusiness major.
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    Chuba snub

    It all comes down to the "Eye Test" ( ____ - you Kirk Herbstreit) :thumbdown:
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    Baseball Jackson Holliday Committed to OSU

    jackson matthew Retweeted PBR Oklahoma‏ @PBR_Oklahoma Aug 24 More OK Class of 2022 Rankings Update Check out the expanded 85 player list along with an in-depth look at the top 3, newcomers, risers, and the top 10, here.>...