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    Cowboy Basketball BEDLAM Edition has been POSTPONED. Next up #2 Baylor NEXT Saturday (Jan 23rd)

    The official oSu Basketball website is saying ESPN 2: Also, my cable TV provider (Suddenliink) is showing the same thing for this Saturday.
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    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

    KU win: one night in January, 2021 Dairy Bar: everyday in 2021 and beyond. (Well, maybe not weekends) I'll take Dairy Bar
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    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    Who is Taylor Gasper Estes??? From her twitter: Managing Editor @Horns247 , Texas staff writer @247Sports | Co-host @TheFlagshipPod | Lone female @TexasFootball beat writer | People close to me call me T-Bone Austin, March 24Joined April 2010 1,680...
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    The bowl games thread

    Dabo voting Ohio State #11 was HUGE Ohio State locker room bulletin board material. Yeah Dabo, give those Buckeyes a little more incentive to play harder/more emotion.
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    The bowl games thread

    So one Big 12 Bowl left: oSu/Miami Won Texas/Colorado Won ou/Florida Won West Virginia/Army Won TCU/Arkansas Cancelled Iowa State/Oregon Jan 2nd Go Cyclones...make it 5-0 for the Big 12
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    115 Bakertown Rd Antioch, TN That is his home address Google maps (street view) you can see the RV parked inside the fenced in yard Google satellite view also shows the RV in his fenced in yard. Click on the "3D" view while in satellite view, and you can see the RV parked behind his duplex...
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    Silly Picture Thread

    And... that he was only driving 45mph. :D
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Silly Picture Thread

    (The bottom one is the best one) LOL
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    Cowboys (6-0) defeats Wichita State 67-64. 10 Game Winning Streak. vs TCU WEDNESDAY in GIA

    We also went undefeated in our non-conference games (6-0) in Coach Henry Iba's last season. (1969-70) Also regarding Iba's last game as Head Coach, oSu upset then national power OU in Gallagher Hall. I was a freshman and drummer in the pep band with seats right up to the court. It...
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    High school player knocks out ref

    From ESPN article: EDINBURG, Texas -- A Texas high school football player charged onto the field and bowled over a referee Thursday night because he was angry after being ejected from the game. Senior defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron of Edinburg High School came running from the sideline area...
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Cowboys (1-0) Defeat UT-Arlington (0-1) 75-68. Next Up vs Texas Southern SATURDAY in GIA #NewEra

    It WAS scheduled for ESPN2. I cut and pasted the details from the oSu website (see Post 2). As is constantly going on with so many other games in the NFL, college sports, etc.. Covid is cancelling and postponing so many games. I wish I had looked at what teams were supposed to play on...
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Cowboys (1-0) Defeat UT-Arlington (0-1) 75-68. Next Up vs Texas Southern SATURDAY in GIA #NewEra

    Just to clarify, that is the home opener. The Pokes open the season on the road at UT-Arlington this Wednesday on ESPN2 at 3pm according to the official oSu Website: (Cut/Paste from the website) NOV 25 (WED) 3 P.M. AT UT ARLINGTON ARLINGTON, TX TV: ESPN2 TUNEIN HISTORY...