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  1. OSUinTX

    Chuba Hubbard Runs Wild; Defense dominates in Cowboys Win

    Beats giving up a big gain and/or TD. Who knows?
  2. OSUinTX

    Mason Rudolph in at QB

    Called it a week ago. Even more amusing that it was a non-contact "injury". He did not get his contract extension, the team is a shambles because of coaching and BR wanted no part of it. His injury will get him through to next year's camp all the while pressing management for different...
  3. OSUinTX

    Austin Recommendations

    Reading is fundamental. I said these are NOT food trucks that serve up contractors and go on to state they are artisan. Maybe you should look up the definition of that word in regard to food. :facepalm::facepalm:
  4. OSUinTX

    RIP Rick Ocasek

    Their debut album is possibly the best debut album of all time in regard to the number of songs that became instantly-recognizable classics.
  5. OSUinTX

    Austin Recommendations

    Not an austinite, but travel there relatively frequently. Food East Side Pies has great pizza. Little hole-in-the-wall joints with limited seating, scary employees, but great pizza. My preference for BBQ is Cooper's. Franklin's gets the PR and is good, but almost always stupid crowded...
  6. OSUinTX

    No More Vanilla Offense For Texas!

    You do know he was not fired and walked into a new office at a blue blood school in Columbus, Ohio the day after he left here, right?
  7. OSUinTX

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    NOt sure if I have aver seen a more unproductive thread. Somebody kill this thing.
  8. OSUinTX

    Our position in the National Polls this year!

    Granted there are some new coaches, but quite frankly, I do not recall a regular season game in recent memory where accolades were given for maximizing the two-week period. In fact, I recall just the opposite, more like, "WTF did they do for two weeks??". It does help the guys heal, but I...
  9. OSUinTX

    Mason Rudolph in at QB

    Just like yards after catch should be a receiving statistic but not a passing statistic, plays like this should not go against a QB's rating.
  10. OSUinTX

    No More Vanilla Offense For Texas!

    Not going to thumb you down, but I call bull shit. The guy has had 18 months. If he does not have full grasp by now, maybe he was not the best recruit or choice to lead this team. Yes, he is lacking game experience, but I honestly doubt there is a single play in the book he does not know what...
  11. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    And I just looked at their 2.9M SF facility, one of three under construction in south Dallas that was scrub land two years ago, and they are looking to hire 300k people NOW, not during the Obama administration.
  12. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    REALLY????? You are unstable enough to think Trump's policies within the past two years have had anything to do with Sears going under? Dude, you reach for straws. Sears has been floating on borrowed time for at least 10 -20 years and them going under has everything to do with pathetic...
  13. OSUinTX

    Tulsa look a like

    I would have gone with the airport dude from Die Hard 2
  14. OSUinTX

    Wish I Liked Soccer

    This year's Cowgirl team seems to be ahead of the curve seeing has how some had them predicted to be at the bottom of the conference standings. --Just beat the No. 6 team in the nation (do not know the score as the O'Colly article did not bother to say but it appears to be 2-1). --Undefeated...
  15. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    And ironically, made from petroleum......
  16. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    Not even close, in fact, downright wrong, but thanks for playing. Enjoy your one-year supply of Duzz Dish detergent.
  17. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    the fact you will argue with a fence post, which by your reply, you aptly validated.
  18. OSUinTX

    Dumb stuff Beto says

    fists? Feet? Knees?
  19. OSUinTX

    Thread For 'Ol Joe: It's Time

    had to be said at some point, right?