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  1. Pistolp

    Viewing OSU Sports

    After getting some advice here I cut the satellite cord, got the stick and use internet. Couldn't be happier - subscribed to Nflix and Hulu, already had Amazon Prime for free shipping (I live out in the country so shop a lot on Amazon from home). By the way, added a tv antenna and also have...
  2. Pistolp

    Starkel Transfers from A&M

    Starkel Leaves Aggies for Arkansas Former OSU recruit/commit joins a crowded field of QB's at Arkansas. Promising QB that has not worked out.
  3. Pistolp

    You Think We Lost Some Players....

    I had read that La'Michael Pettway, WR from Arkansas, was considering transferring to OSU among other schools so I went to an Arkansas site to read up about him. I found the article below which details the 27 players that have left the Arkansas football program in the past 13 months, most of...
  4. Pistolp

    Pistol Pete Articles in the Daily Oklahoman

    I have been a critic of the DOK at times in the past, but I must say the articles about Pistol Pete are good and I have really enjoyed reading through them. Also - I have researched off and on about the loan and subsequent theft of Frank Eaton's possessions after they were put on display in...
  5. Pistolp

    Looking at HS Football Talent Over Time

    I typed this is response to a question in another forum and another poster suggested I post it here: Sorry this is so long, but some interesting history and statistics might explain what is happening. back in the dark ages (1970's) I took an elective Sociology course at OSU titled something...