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  1. El Gato Bandito

    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    If Cobbins doesn't have a season ending injury we would have been on the road to the Final 4 that year....but I get what you're saying.
  2. El Gato Bandito


    Didn’t expect Dest to stick with the US at all, so that is a pleasant surprise.
  3. El Gato Bandito


    btw I was kind of hoping that if the decision was made to fire GB that they would let Tab Ramos take over. Seems that ship has sailed with him going to Houston. Good for him. But bad for USMNT.
  4. El Gato Bandito


    It’s been a tough run. I was excited for Berhalter when he was hired but at this point I haven’t seen anything to convince me he is capable of taking this team into the next World Cup and doing anything with them (if they even make it there). They quit on him out there last game. Hard to come...
  5. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    So happy I don’t have to deal with Suddenlink anymore. Place I moved to has Comcast and people like to complain about them, but I’ve been here for over a year now with fast internet that hasn’t cut out a single time. Suddenlink use to drop daily at times.
  6. El Gato Bandito

    Viewing OSU Sports

    Espn+ is good worth the cost in my opinion. You can do a free trial to see for yourself if you find value in it. You won’t really have a good way of watching fox games unless you illegally stream.
  7. El Gato Bandito

    Oklahoma State Moving Up in Academic Rankings

    It’s the Harvard of the Appalachia’s
  8. El Gato Bandito

    Time to sign up for ESPN+ (Big 12 signs media contract w/ ESPN)

    I have espn+ and I love it because I get to watch tons of soccer. They have rights to MLS and 3-4 other leagues as well as cup coverage and some other tournaments. I also get tons of other various college sports coverage. I’ve had it for a few months and already felt like it was well worth the...
  9. El Gato Bandito

    OSU is playing Georgetown in the Big 12-Big East Challenge

    Honestly what I’ve enjoyed even more than the lobster is all the fresh scallops. Holy hell they're delicious.
  10. El Gato Bandito

    OSU is playing Georgetown in the Big 12-Big East Challenge

    I’ve recently moved to Southeast Massachusetts and if they could play at Providence the next year as their return trip I’d be the happiest man ever.
  11. El Gato Bandito


    They actually look pretty solid. They’re running around like they have a style and tactics in mind. Already a step up from the last two years or so.
  12. El Gato Bandito


    Bump Berhalter debut. Empty stadium. Team full of MLS journeymen and a few holdovers. Should be interesting.
  13. El Gato Bandito


    He is probably a pretty safe bet to improve moral and get some of the stupid fundamentals they haven’t done well the last few years cleaned up. Not sure he will revolutionize anything or make the team super dynamic and different. But if he can stabilize this team and make them competitive again...
  14. El Gato Bandito


    Yeah there is equal eye candy for all swings of life. Amber Heard is a smoke show.
  15. El Gato Bandito


    It was fun, I enjoyed it. But oh my god is it cringe-level cheesy dialogue painful at times. Whew.
  16. El Gato Bandito

    Where there's smoke there's fire (Holgy leaving WVU?)

    Why in the world would he willingly leave West Virginia for Houston?