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    Brent Guy - Former OSU Player and Coach

    ESPN Article about him living in secret about his bipolar disorder. Good read.
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    Football 2020 QB Ethan Bullock JUCO signed
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    OSU Football Portal

    Do good High School players start having to go the JUCO/FCS/Div II route because Div I teams start holding back 5-7 (of the 25) scholarship spots for portal players? If I was OSU, I would. A Portal player has a better chance of finishing his career at his 2nd school, than a High School player.
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    Nick Starkel - Arkansas to San Jose State

    2019 San Jose State 31 - @Arkansas 24 Starkel 28/50 356 yards 3 TDs 5 Ints If you can't beat them, join them? Maybe San Jose State liked the way Starkel connected with their DB's?
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    Starkel to Arkansas?

    I haven’t heard the interview, but evidently Starkel claims OSU reached out to him. He is supposed to be headed to Arkansas. Glad it didn’t happen.