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  1. oSuAusTex

    Now the question is how many fans get in

    I opted out. Being in one of the high risk groups (age), I am not going to play Corvid Lottery. Just hope all the games are on TV somehow. And bringing up "Age" again, I have noticed at home basketball, baseball and wrestling events, there is a large number of Seniors. Lots are down in...
  2. oSuAusTex

    Seahawks Waive Rookie Caught Trying To Sneak Visitor Into Team Hotel

    Reminds me of "Scary Movie" (2000) where Brenda is in bed with Ray. Ray encourages her to put on his football gear (as a turn on). You'd have to have seen this comedy movie to get it. The movie is a satire of the movie "Scream"
  3. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread

  4. oSuAusTex

    oSu Cowboy Marching Band info

    As an ex-Cowboy drummer (many years ago..LOL) I thought this cut/paste below (from oSu Band website from July 28th) would be informative for my fellow oSu fans: Questions & Unknowns There are many unknown variables for this season. We do not have all the answers from all of the entities that we...
  5. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread

    Yeah, I think you are right. If I did have one, think of all the young kids (that have not seen "Alien or Aliens" movies) freaking out seeing me shopping in Walmart or other stores. And not all older adults have seen either movie also. LOL
  6. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread

    Oh Man, I love this face mask............... Big fan of the movies "Alien" and "Aliens" I would love to buy this mask. Does anyone know where I might get this??
  7. oSuAusTex

    City of Stillwater thread

    Oh man, that old movie theater that was there............... That's the place I watched the movie "Blazing Saddles" One of the best old time comedies.
  8. oSuAusTex

    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    "tight end" jokes never get old. :D
  9. oSuAusTex

    Seating Capacity

    About a week ago I read that Iowa State is limiting home crowd to 30,000. Stadium holds 60,000.
  10. oSuAusTex

    For your listening pleasure

    OMG, that is so Farsome..............
  11. oSuAusTex

    Rocket Mortgage Classic - Golf

    More ICE CREAM !!!!! (You need to be watching ESPN reporting regarding Wolff and his hearing the Ice Cream truck driving around the golf course) Nice that ESPN mentioned he played at oSu. :thumbup:
  12. oSuAusTex

    West Nile Virus in OKLA

    And the year 2020 keeps on being the BEST-est year EVER!!! SMH :facepalm: From KOCO-TV website: Oklahoma City-County Health Department epidemiologists confirmed that a sample of mosquitoes from a trap in Oklahoma County has tested positive for West Nile virus, officials announced Monday...
  13. oSuAusTex

    Poll: Opinion on the 2020 FB season?

    So will the Nebraska football program continue to gloat about their humongous sell-out streak at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln? I guess if even just 5,000 fans are allowed to attend, they will call that a sell-out and the streak continues. LOL If NO fans are allowed...............then...
  14. oSuAusTex


    Been a little while since the last one I felt here in north Stillwater. No shaking, but a pretty solid jolt passed through the house. Confirmation: ( 9 km NW of Perry, Oklahoma ) Magnitude: 4.5 Sat, Jun-20 - 10:15:41
  15. oSuAusTex

    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    Yeah, I was a student 1969-1973 and remember going to baseball games at "University Park". I actually forgot the name until mentioned in the above post. The stands were similar to what are the metal stands down the left field line of Allie P. And the metal stands at Allie P hide a grassy...
  16. oSuAusTex

    City of Stillwater thread

    Maybe...............................The Atherton ??? :D:D:D:D
  17. oSuAusTex

    Early Flowrestling NCAA Rankings are Out

    I bookmarked Seth Duckworth's twitter a long time ago since he seems to know a lot about what is happening inside oSu Wrestling. I don't remember him giving any false or mistaken information. I also appreciate his military service to our nation.
  18. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread

  19. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread

  20. oSuAusTex

    Silly Picture Thread