Men's Basketball 2019 SG Chris Harris Jr. Signs with OSU

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Oct 29, 2016
Chris is one helluva scorer, especially from 3-point range. If I were to guess (no knock on other incoming recruits, I assure you), Chris will probably end up being the most important (and productive) freshman, and considerably so. Other incoming players are absolutely great, no question - it's just Chris is by far and away the best scorer of the bunch.

HC Boynton is well on his way to building a very good program, especially considering this year's class and the already talented next year's class. Give him a few more classes and this program will be rocking.. I long/yearn for the days of ringing in my ears for days after home games.

Side note: is there a thread for Oklahoma's top-ranked player, Bryce Thompson (2020)? OSU is sitting very well with him. If Boynton lands him, look out.. I guarantee he would become one of OSU's best players of all-time. I've seen him play many times and let me tell ya, dear god, the team will challenge for Big 12 championship in 2021 and thereafter.
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