Big 12 week 7 power rankings

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Sep 9, 2013
1. Oklahoma (1)
No brainer. Yes, Baylor is unbeaten, but OU spanked TT, while baylor needed big 12 refs to steal the win.
OU has also beaten texas

2. Baylor (3)
Unbeaten, so here until they lose. Baylor will not finish here.

3. Texas (2)
Texas and ISU are closer than most think. Both best wins are WVU(road), but texas has lost to 2 CFP worthy teams while ISU has lost to Iowa and baylor.

4. Iowa State (4)
2-1 in big 12. road win over an injury depleted WVU with a backup qb is best win, however.

5. Texas Tech (5)
Loss to arz doesnt look as bad now, and the win over Oklahoma State gets them here. Tough loss to baylor shows OSU wasnt a fluke.

6. TCU (7)
6-8 are anyone's guess. None are great, but all have a decent win.
TCU's loss to ISU was ugly.

7. Oklahoma State (8)
Loss to TT is still glaring. Tulsa oregon state are decent wins

8. West Virginia (6)
Win over 4-2 NC State seems like 2 years ago. Paper thin roster cant withstand the injuries it's suffered. Went from having the worst qb in the big 12 to having his backup:) WVU could well end up 9th.

9. Kansas State (9)
Win over miss state on the road keeps them out of the cellar. Looking slow and unathletic in big 12 play keeps them 9th.

10. Kansas (10)
Kansas is improved. Too bad Rutgers and terps are not on the schedule.


CPTNQUIRK called me a greenhorn
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Jun 24, 2005
I don't have a problem with this.

You can't rank based on what you think is going to happen in the future, but don't be surprised when #7 beats #2 next week.
Oct 30, 2007
And reality finally sets in for Nolaeer and his Mountaineers.
You need to reread it. Wvu is the obvious big12 winner and it is only the couple of I mean hundreds of injuries that prevent them from being number 1. Also, they had that guy nolaeer clocked at 90 mph.

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CPTNQUIRK called me a greenhorn
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Jun 24, 2005
Oh come on. Can’t you help them be undefeated for three more weeks???

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We helped them enough last year. It's someone else's turn.

BTW, I dislike those rape enablers so much I want you guys to beat them.
Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
The crazy thing is Noaleer continues to cite the NC State win like it was some big accomplishment. According to Massey Ratings, if NC State were in the Big-12 they'd be ahead of only Kansas.

Beating NC State was not really a big deal this year...