Cowgirls Softball: Blazer Classic Edition

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Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
what a great week our Cowgirls had by going 4-1(should have been 5-0). All 5 opponents made it to regionals last yr. Two of the 4 wins were teams that did make the WCWS. Great showing by these young ladies.

This week in the Blazer Classic in Birmingham, Al doesn’t get any easier with a 4 game in 2 days.

Feb. 21 @10am

Rajun Cajuns of Louisiana- 7-2...last week they were rank 13/14 in the two main polls. For a small school, they are one of the powerhouse teams to watch out for. They went 4-1 last week with a split with LSU.

Feb 21 @12:30 pm

Ole Miss a team that made it to the post season a yr ago who is struggling out of the gates as they are coming in with a 1-8 record.

Feb 22 @10 am

Louisiana Rajun Cajuns...Yes we play them twice

Feb 22 @3 pm

UAB coming into the classic 7-3...dont know nothing on them except they lost to Washington 8-7 in the first week of play.

Just saw it on UAB sports site, they have OSU playing Ole Miss at 10 am and Louisiana at 12:30 on Feb 21st...while on doesn‘t. I used scheduling

Also rankings comes out on Tuesday We get to see where we are setting at.
Jul 9, 2011
OSU pitcher has a wild streak in the top of the 7th. Hits 2 batters and walks another to load the bases with one out. Ole Miss ends up scoring 4 runs to go up 8-3 going to the bottom of the 7th.