Football Spring Practice| Cancelled til March 29th

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Feb 27, 2018
We have some photos up from spring practice here

From Frank Bonner II...

Redshirt sophomore Spencer Sanders completed his first year as a starter for OSU last season. He showed his dual-threat ability by rushing for 628 yards, as well as throwing for 2,065 yards with 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

New quarterbacks coach Tim Rattay is helping Sanders focus on making better throws and staying in the pocket.

“I’m trying to work on his mechanics throwing the football, his mechanics inside the pocket,” Rattay said. “I told him, listen, I want you in the pocket and then when things break down I want you to go do what you do. If the pocket is clean, I want you to stay in there. I want you to go through the reads and make accurate throws.”


The Car'a'carn
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Apr 5, 2012
Bernard moving to CB. Guess we are just trying to build some depth opposite of Rodarius?
From Jim Knowles

On Jarrick Bernard as a cornerback:
"He had a great day. Probably coming out of day one, I thought he was extremely impressive. I think he's going to have – it's one day – but the kid has over 2,000 snaps of experience, and now you're moving to corner and he has such long arms, he's willing to compete and has got a short memory. He just looked good out there today. He really stood out."

On if Jarrick Bernard at cornerback is an experiment:
"No, it's not an experiment. I did it a lot at different places. I always tried to put nickel, what we called strike, in the spread and put him at corner because it is like a third corner. I think it's good training for them. We're hopeful he will take the job. Then you have some smaller, quicker guys to go against the slot in (Tanner) McCalister and Thomas (Harper). I think at face-value that could be our best lineup, but those guys have to prove themselves."