I need a single A&M ticket

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Sep 30, 2004
Houston Texas
I actually have a bid on one of the single tickets....it is the one from tracy1954....I currently have it for $27 with a max of $35....looks like Im not going to need it....unfortunally I need 8 tickets for my family and friends and I am probably going to bite the bullet and buy eight $100+ together....so you can either out bid me at $36 or if I still win the bid I will sell it to you at what I pay for it.....I am from Houston but I'm still in contact with a bunch of local people in Stillwater if you want to work it that way.....
Sep 30, 2004
Dallas, Texas
I'll keep it in mind

yeah I still have several connections in Stilll. too, I have the word out, I bought a ticket from a buddy but I still need one for my girlfriend. If you do win it (for under $35) let me know and I will buy it, if not no worries I'm sure I will find something, if I do I will post it on here so you know. But the way tickets have been going on ebay I think it will top $50 easily...have you seen the bedlam tickets?...crazy!