If Football Is Cancelled

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Mar 27, 2012
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So I say this with zero inside knowledge. Purely 100% speculation and guessing based on news report on twitter rumors.

1) Seems like ACC and SEC want to play. And they want Big 12 to play.

2) Big 12 seems divided. Who would be in and who would be out?
In - OSU, Texas, Texas Tech, KSU , OU
on the fence - WVU, TCU
Out - Iowa State, KU, Baylor,

Nebraska seems determined to play. Assume there may be a school or two who could replace schools that opt-out.

Anyone have guesses as to who is in or out in Big 12?
@Nolaeer says WVU is 100% in and playing 11 games even if they have to play themselves three times.
Oct 29, 2016
I don't necessarily agree with everything I've read of @RxCowboy , particularly in the politics section of this forum, but he has by far proclaimed logic and reason throughout this thread.

I'm going to be quite blunt, yet this is not targeted toward any particular person or people. Nor am I judging anyone.. for I don't know any of you in real life. It is quite astonishing to see full grown adults acting like, well, crybabies because the season is in real jeopardy of not being played. Under the current circumstances the world finds itself in, and how people still aren't taking it seriously... collegiate sports is in no way, shape or form a requirement that must be, for the sake of entertainment.

How do people still not understand how viruses work, propagate, infect others, etc? The ONLY WAY viruses stop being a threat, is when people understand their "freedoms" are not under threat because of some sort of conspiracy theory propagated, say, by Dems, as many Republicans hilariously suggest, and start taking social distancing seriously. Covid will NOT go away until fools start acting responsibly. And my goodness, proclaiming the football season should be played, presenting no danger, is the epitome of foolishness.

No one likes how much things have changed.. and that's the thing. Most people can't handle a temporary change of behavior...and in this instance, a temporary change of behavior is a necessity to rid of a virus that far too many people are not taking seriously.

Let's act like mature adults, instead of throwing temper tantrums about the dire situation facing most people of the world, particularly in the US. There's a reason why the US is experiencing a full-steam ahead propagation of covid, with no end in sight.. because of irresponsible, selfish people.
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Jul 9, 2016
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Looks like Big 12 is in. Sec and ACC looks good, too. That means 38 (ACC 14 teams, SEC, 14, BIG12, 10 teams). It seems like it’s possible to play 3 preseason and a 10 season conference games for the year albeit, there will be 11 POWER 5 games played this year instead of the usual 10.

I wonder if it could work
Mar 11, 2006
More good news.

Sounds like the Sun Belt, Conference USA, and AAC will join Big 12, ACC, and SEC in playing this fall. This means to OSU that TU is still the likely non-conference opponent.
Mar 11, 2006
Looks like Big 12 is in. Sec and ACC looks good, too. That means 38 (ACC 14 teams, SEC, 14, BIG12, 10 teams). It seems like it’s possible to play 3 preseason and a 10 season conference games for the year albeit, there will be 11 POWER 5 games played this year instead of the usual 10.

I wonder if it could work
I don’t see how that will work and college football doesn’t have preseason games.
The main reason the Power 5 can make decisions on their own is their TV rights deals are not owned by the NCAA. Each conference owns their own rights and they are separate deals.

The ACC has their own network. The ACC Network is owned by ESPN.
The SEC also has their own network with ESPN.
UT has the Longhorn Network with ESPN.
The Big 12 rights are held jointly by ESPN and Fox Sports and each school gets to own one game.

Big 10 Network is with Fox Sports. Pac-12 Network is actually owned by the conference.

So ESPN was a big winner.
Mar 11, 2006
Curious if Nebraska, Ohio St, Michigan and Penn St going to push forward on playing
Not OSU related, but potentially interesting.

Each Big12 member owns the TV rights to one non-conference game. OU uses their for a profitable PPV game. This year Missouri State is slated for that game .....but...

Nebraska made a joint announcement with their AD, their President and Scott Frost. Their announcement was that they did not agree with The Big10 decision and were going to explore ways to play in the fall.

* Nebraska is looking for games.
* OU can easily get out of the Missouri State game (in fact, MSU’s conference likely is canceling season).
* OU will have very limited capacity in stadium due to COVID
* A PPV game against Nebraska would not only make millions just in Oklahoma, but would make millions in Nebraska and very attractive nationally ...especially if played before Sept 26th

Nebraska could conceivably play a couple of games in the fall, but not enough to exceed a full schedule. ... and play conference only B10 games in spring. Unlikely, but technically conceivable, and I think OU vs Nebraska may now be a slight possibility.
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Mar 11, 2006
Reports that big xii has voted to move forward to play this year but no start date announced yet
Looks like schedule may come out as early as tomorrow morning.

So Big12, ACC (w/ Norte Dame), SEC, Sun Belt, AAC, and Sun Belt look to be moving forward with fall football.

Will be interesting to see if NCAA allow waivers for transfers from conference not playing in fall.


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Jun 20, 2008
Wow, it appears the morons (at least some) are alive and well on this thread. You can join Burns Hargus under his bed. Both of you will be safe with no hard decisions to make.
I'm sure you don't see the irony in this post, but I do.