Need your life pro tips on shaving your head...

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Jan 11, 2005
Sand Springs, OK
But first need to tell you how I have come to decide to shave my head.

I have been balding for about 18 years. Always knew I would eventually get to the point I would shave my head because I did not want to be the comb over guy or the guy that was in denial about his balding and trying to maintain his hair. All or none for me

So about three weeks ago my 14 year old daughter walks behind me pats my bald spot and says, “Dad if your bald spot gets much bigger you are going to look like a monk.” I laughed and didn’t think much of it as teenagers tend to be dramatic.

Fast forward to yesterday. Was at a department store trying on some slacks and happened to be in front of one of those multi-angled mirrored where I could see the side and back of my head. I was absolutely stunned at how big my bald spot is! I could not believe it. I am not on my my to looking like a monk, I am there.

So, I decided to shave my head.

My questions to this board are:

1. Tell me your bald story, what made you decide to shave your head? How long did it take you to pull the plug on the hair thing (pardon the pun).

2. Those of you that shave do you go all the way down to the scalp or put a low guard on and leave a little stubble? Why did you choose to do it this way?

3. How did you handle it at work? Did you warn people or just show up one day with no hair? Same question with your family?

4. Finally, any life pro tips on the shaving of a head and maintenance of said head.

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Feb 28, 2007
I gradually went from a guard to to scalp over the years. Once it is a 1/2 inch long it is long enough to drive me crazy.
You would have to know me for more than 30 years to know me with any kind of hair besides the beard or eyebrows.
I shave it once a week with this, I stared with a regular electric razor till it died. This is great for the head because it sets in your palm, very convenient.



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Feb 15, 2007
I had been slightly balding since my mid 20s and after many years of trying to combat it I finally made the plunge to shave my head. I started off with a #4 guard and have been going shorter ever since. I quickly went to a #2 and now I use the guard just under the #1 guard and buzz my head once a week. There was no warning at work, just showed up. You'd be surprised at how quickly people will adapt to your new look.

This device was a game changer for me:

Mr Bob

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Jun 29, 2004
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During a moment of boredom in my 20s I shaved my head bald and kept it that way for close to a year. I went with a razor blade and generally had to shave every other day. I won't be much help with your specific questions, but I do want to stress the importance of sunscreen. I went to watch a baseball game about week after shaving my head without sunscreen and regretted it greatly for a couple of weeks.


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Apr 2, 2008
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My hairline started receding when I was 16 and by my early 20's had just a fringe around the edge. At first I went with the Dana Holgorsen look letting grow long, but no comb over. Once I joined the Navy I kept it short and constantly had people saying, "Why don't you shave your head?" To which I would reply, "I don't even like shaving my face much less my whole head." In 2001 I had been out of the Navy for about a year and was bartending for a living and would go out drinking with co-workers quite a bit. One night after drinking I was at home channel surfing and decided WTF I'll shave my head. I took my beard trimmers and cut it down as much as I could with those, then lathered it up with shaving cream and took my Mach 5 and shaved it down to bare skin. The next day at work in a discussion with a customer at work she said something about me being 25 years old (I was 35) and that made me decide to keep it shaved. (I guess I'm a little more vain than I like to admit.) For the next week or so I shaved it daily, in the mirror with a hand held mirror to see what I was doing on the back. After that I started doing it basically every other day, then after about a month I started doing it in the shower with no mirror, just by feel.

Every once in a while I get lazy and go 3 or 4 days without shaving but for the most part I do it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Jan 5, 2009
I've been shaving my head since my early 20's. Receding hairline got a little too intense and I didn't want to be rocking a fading glory hairstyle. I just buzzed it with trimmers, no guard, for a long time. Just this last year I actually made the switch to the razor and I prefer it versus the stubble. Some days I just don't want to mess with it or have enough time but I generally shave every day or every other day.

My advice: if you go the trimmer route, keep that bad boy oiled and clean it every now and again. A good set of trimmers will last you forever.

If you go razor, don't go cheap on you razors, get a nice blade and a can of barbasol.