Never to early for some OU Sucks Photos

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L-Town Poke

can you quack like a duck
Aug 11, 2011
Shady 5-80
Matt Edwards David- How about now. Baylor . . . really ????????
November 19 at 11:12pm · LikeUnlike

  • David Hicks Well ill tell u this much... come to the game the 3rd. We will see who is the best in OK. Blackman is a joke
    November 19 at 11:13pm · LikeUnlike

  • Matt Edwards Far as the polls go,it will be OSU. s far as jokes go, from the way I see things it is OU.
    November 19 at 11:15pm · LikeUnlike

  • David Hicks If osu wins I'm gonna get a osu tramp stamp Barry. Just telling u. Cuz I love u
    November 19 at 11:17pm · UnlikeLike ·

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    Matt Edwards LOL. That is awesome.
    November 19 at 11:27pm · LikeUnlike

  • David Hicks U still have to win on the 3rd LOL.
    November 19 at 11:29pm · LikeUnlike

  • Matt Edwards I know. And OU will be pissed after tnite. But it should be a good game. Doesn't matter though, the Tigers are gonna take it all. Geaux Tigers
    November 19 at 11:31pm · LikeUnlike

  • David Hicks Yeah LOL. Really....
    Sunday at 3:47pm · LikeUnlike

  • Barry Bygod Hanza holy balls I just stumbled on the rest of this conversation ! - I holdin you to the tattoo david !!
    15 hours ago · LikeUnlike

  • David Hicks U wont have to Barry... lol. My friends wife has the other side of the bet. She wont let it slide haha
    15 hours ago · LikeUnlike

  • David is a typical ou fan ... but the OSU tramp stamp is gonna be awesome !