NOK - OSU football: Ranking the Cowboys' most likely bowl destinations

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018

By Scott Wright
Staff writer

STILLWATER — There’s nothing more Oklahoma State can do to improve its status in the Big 12 Conference bowl pecking order, but it can still get some outside help.

With the winner of Saturday’s Big 12 championship game still in the mix for a playoff spot, or at the very least, both teams from the title game in the mix for New Year’s Six bowls, every other bowl-eligible team in the conference stands a chance to get bumped up a rung on the ladder.

None of that will be determined until we see how Saturday’s championship games play out, and of course, the conference standings do little to offer any kind of settlement on the potential order of selection for bowls.

Standings don’t matter anyway, because bowls get their choice of teams, regardless of standing.


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