Official Game Thread: Liberty Bowl- Missouri vs. Oklahoma State

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It seemed like a good idea at the time
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Aug 24, 2007
Honest question though, is it really that difficult to face the ball, with the receiver, and try to deflect/intercept it? I thought that’s part of what they’re trained to do?

This is what has aggravated me about our secondary for so many seasons now.
The theory on covering a deep receiver is to stay close and watch the receiver, and when he goes for the ball, the defender goes for the ball. Watch for the ball too much, and you lose the receiver. Not good in man coverage.
Oct 30, 2007
One more game note. According to RA, Malcolm Rodriguez has a sprained knee. He won't require surgery, and he should be ready for spring practice. I'm really glad he didn't tear his ACL.


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Sep 14, 2010
Watching a dvr replay and absolutely astonished at how far forward they marked Lock's forward progress on their 4th down. They gave him AT LEAST a yard and a half too much.
Feb 27, 2018
From Mark Cooper: Can the Liberty Bowl provide a springboard to improvement in 2019 for Oklahoma State’s defense?

At the time, Oklahoma State’s failed fake punt looked like the latest miscue in what was turning into a historical collapse.

Leading by just two points early in the fourth quarter, OSU coach Mike Gundy called for punter Matt Hockett to try to run for a first down on fourth-and-8. He came up 3 yards short. The Missouri half of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium threw its hands up in celebration as the offense took over at the OSU 32-yard line.

In hindsight, and with the knowledge the Cowboys would go on to win the Liberty Bowl 38-33, the failure to convert on fourth down and the plays that followed are now simply a valuable lesson.

With odds against it, the Oklahoma State defense held Missouri to 8 yards on three plays — including a tackle for loss by Enoch Smith and Jarrell Owens on third-and-1. Then defensive end Mike Scott blocked a go-ahead field goal attempt.

“That was it,” defensive coordinator Jim Knowles said. “That’s where I was most proud of our guys. The fake punt doesn’t work. We go out there and hold them to no points. That to me was a huge, huge stop and a real turning point in the game.”


Oct 27, 2003
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The blocked field goal, for me, was my favorite play of the game. Those are demoralizing.
And the previous PATs were low, so you could almost see that coming. I wonder if our special teams coach was anticipating that opportunity and keying in the unit on that.
Gundy was all over it.

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