PFB - Final Notes and Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s Big Victory Over Boise

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Feb 17, 2018
My 10 Thoughts are posted here, but I wanted to empty the notebook before we move on to Texas Tech. On to Cincinnati. Here is what I was thinking and writing during OSU’s pummeling of Boise State on Saturday.

• I don’t remember networks waiting as long as they did for other games to end. The OSU game, which was supposed to start at 2:30, didn’t start until around 2:45. Maybe they always wait this long, but usually it seems like they only bump it 5-10 minutes.

• Last year I thought OSU should have picked offense every time they won the toss. This year, I actually think OSU should maybe pick defense first.

• Amazing.

Just putting out vibes. #okstate

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) September 15, 2018

• I like Adam Amin a lot, although he said the phrase, “High-leverage game” about 39 times in the first two quarters.

• Do not like: Boise’s colors. Do like: Boise’s uniforms. All of the photos make it look like OSU was playing Kansas but if Kansas had awesome threads.

• I wrote this during Boise’s second drive: “I was told long, sustained drives wouldn’t happen anymore!” That was one of two 14-play Boise drives. To be fair, everything else was pretty great.

• Justice has played 29 college football games. He has 100 or more yards in 16 of them. He has a TD in 20. I badly want for this to not be his last year.

• Haden Hoggarth is an amazing name for a Boise kicker.

• Cornelius’ deep balls are strange. They’re often in traffic and either way overthrown or fairly underthrown. They always look like they’re going to be awesome out of his hand but rarely turn out that way.

• This was unreal.

• I wrote this near the end of the first (because I am an idiot): The series of events leading to Dru or Spencer having to rescue the offense is almost complete.

• OSU has to get pressure for the the blitz to work. This is obvious, and it happened over and over against Boise. But will it happen against West Virginia’s line? OU’s? If it doesn’t, the secondary could be in trouble.

• Guys, Brailford is kind of a freak.

• Speaking of freaks.

• Ok.

• The package with Abbott, Finefeuiaki and Jelani all in at the same time was exhilarating. All the meat.

• It got overshadowed by 100 other things, but this was a terrific TD.

• Brock Martin is a monster. The ceiling is high.

• OSU had seven sacks on Saturday. The most they’ve had in a game is nine against Baylor in 1998. They had eight against Iowa State in 2004.

• This made me laugh for some reason.

The irony

— Brandon Meyer (@OSUbmeyer) September 15, 2018

• How about Gundy calling a TO at the end of the first half to give Boise more chances at scoring. He’s the best (unless it’s Central Michigan, then he’s the worst). We rationalized it away by saying that he probably wanted to try and get Boise to punt it again to go for another block.

• Jesse Palmer’s beard always seems to be coming off my screen. It’s a little unnerving.

• Tylan has 24 targets in the last two weeks. Eyes emojis.

• “Justice King” is a thing Adam Amin and Rod Gilmore called No. 5 for like five minutes in the second half. I kinda liked it.

• The Justice run at the end of the game was incredible.

That was amazing. Reminded this old-timer of Tatum Bell.

— Dave Hudson (@okc_dave) September 15, 2018

• There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than watching Gundy talk into the headset and imagining what in the world he’s saying.

• They ran the Eagles Super Bowl play with Stoner and TC. TCU flashbacks.

• This was good.

This is a stat.

• Mrs. Pistols, who somehow had 10 thoughts on S. Alabama but just one on Boise said her only takeaway is that Jesse Palmer should be the next head coach after Mike Gundy. “He doesn’t coach,” I noted. “Anybody can coach.”

• Who took Malcolm Rodriguez’s neck?

• This always catches me off guard and is never not awesome.

• This was also great.

This should happen at EVERY #okstate home football game!

— Jason Elmquist (@jelmquistSW) September 15, 2018

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