PFB - Football Notebook: Landon Wolf’s Growth, Depth at RB

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Feb 17, 2018
STILLWATER — This time between the start of fall camp and Game 1 seems to be taking forever.

Mike Gundy and Co. met with reporters Tuesday to discuss the programs advancements ahead of Oklahoma State’s Week 1 clash with Oregon State on Aug. 30. Here are some of the talking points.

Wolf in a Much Different Spot from Last Fall

Landon Wolf’s role within the program grew a lot last season.

For starters, Wolf, a 2017 OSU Walk-On Award recipient was put on scholarship to start the season. Then starting slot receiver Jalen McCleskey announced his decision to transfer after four games, pushing Wolf into top four on the wide receiver depth chart. He went from relative unknown to solid contributor quickly.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a lot different,” Wolf said. “The only difference for me is that I know I’m going to be on the field more. Last year, Jalen left early, so I was just kind of put into that role last minute. This year I have the expectation that I’m gonna be on the field. So, that changes my approach in that perspective, but in terms of how I work and how I prepare, I still feel like have a lot to work on and just trying to be very intentional with every practice.”

Wolf finished the year having played in all 13 games. He caught 33 passes for 362 yards and two touchdowns.

“The biggest thing for me is just being consistent,” Wolf said. “Being consistent, letting the quarterback know where I’m gonna be, and if they throw me the ball, I’m gonna make the play, being in the right spot. A lot of things the receivers are focusing on is just being dependable. If we need to be in a certain spot, we’ll be there and make the play.”

Left Tackle Battle

Of the five spots on OSU’s offensive line, four seem to be locked in: Teven Jenkins at right tackle, Ry Schneider at right guard, Johnny Wilson and center and Marcus Keyes at left guard.

The only question seems to be on who will protect the quarterback’s blindside (and who will be that QB, of course). The two competitors for the spot are Dylan Galloway and Bryce Bray.

Galloway, a redshirt junior, started the final five games at the position last season, but he missed some time in spring. That along with new offensive line coach Charlie Dickey bringing a fresh perspective to the Cowboys O-line has opened some space for Bray, a redshirt freshman.

When asked who he thought would start at left tackle Tuesday, OSU coach Mike Gundy said that’d be a better question for Dickey.

“Both of them are doing good,” Gundy said. “Galloway is a little further ahead because he played in a lot of big games. He was an interesting player last year because when he got in and played, somebody got hurt, when he got in and played, he played better than he had always practiced, which is a good thing. And then he missed the spring, and he’s back out there now. He seems to be doing good.

“So is Bray. He seems to be coming along, not as far along because he didn’t play in games last year, but he’s gonna be a player here eventually. He’s probably gonna start for three years.”

Running Back Depth Tested With Fall Camp Knocks

To this point, junior college transfer running back Dezmon Jackson has been wearing a green jersey in fall camp like OSU’s quarterbacks.

He has been in full pads and going through drills with his teammates, but hasn’t been doing a lot of contact. Jackson had some sort of wrap on his wrist, protecting what Gundy called a “hairline stress fracture.” Gundy said Jackson is supposed to go full blast at the beginning of next week, though.

“I think the mental aspect of his development is good,” Gundy said. “But he hasn’t been hit because of that little hairline stress fracture. That’s the only thing we don’t know.”

Gundy also mentioned that redshirt freshman running back Jahmyl Jeter picked up a recent ankle injury, but that it would only keep him out a few days.

Jeter has transformed his body since last season. He still hasn’t had a carry in his young career, but that will almost certainly change this season.

“I like his style of running,” LD Brown said of Jeter. “He’s very patient for a big guy. He’s very patient and has that burst to outrun the defense.”

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