PFB - Four-Star OSU Target Christian Brown Commits to Georgia

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Feb 17, 2018
Four-star forward prospect Christian Brown announced his commitment Friday evening to the University of Georgia over Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Georgetown and Illinois.

“I’m headed to Georgia and I’m picking Georgia because it’s close to home and Georgia has always been a second home to me since I was younger,” Brown told 247Sports. “Knowing I have good people, it’s relaxing. I just love the environment.”

Brown, a top-75 recruit in the 2019 recruiting class, made an official visit to OSU two weeks ago. Mike Boynton made a spirited push to land him over the last two months, even going as far as to pay him a personal visit days after his official visit with he and his mother. But in the end, the Bulldogs and first year coach Tom Crean won out, giving them four top-100 recruits incoming for next season.

“He’s a great coach,” Brown said. “I’ve been knowing Tom Crean since my sophomore year. He coached me at Nations. I know his coaching style. He’ll push you and get you to where you need to be. That’s what I need.”

Brown would have been the highest-rated recruit in OSU’s 2019 class and the fourth four-star of the class joining Marcus Watson, Avery Anderson and Kalib Boone. Still without him, OSU’s class ranks 23rd overall.

As Brown picks UGA, OSU will likely continue to work its options on the recruiting trail between big man Doudou Gueye, sharpshooter Sean McNeil, and late-rising guard Ronnie DeGray III ahead of next month’s signing period.

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