PFB - Oklahoma State Assembles Task Force to Safely Return Student-Athletes to Campus

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State is taking the necessary next steps to get student-athletes back on campus amid this coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the university announced it has assembled a task force with the goal of ensuring a safe return to campus for student-athletes starting with football players. Dr. Kayse Shrum, OSU Center for Health Sciences president since 2013, will lead the 17-person force that includes four medical doctors and notable names such as deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg and strength and conditioning coach Rob Glass.

“Shrum has been integral in developing testing capabilities statewide during the pandemic,” OSU’s statement read.

The other medical doctors on the force are:

  • Johnny Stephens, senior vice president/chief operating officer, OSU Center for Health Sciences
  • Dennis Blankenship, interim senior associate dean, OSU Center for Health Sciences
  • Val Gene Iven, head team physician/director of sports medicine

This announcement comes about a week after an NCAA council voted that football and basketball teams could hold voluntary team activities starting June 1.

The Big 12 Conference followed that vote up by saying it would allow its conference’s football players to return to campus June 15.

OSU has not yet announced when its student-athletes will be allowed to return to campus.

The Task Force

Name Title
Kayse Shrum President, OSU Center for Health Sciences
Johnny Stephens Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, OSU Center for Health Sciences
Dennis Blankenship Interim Senior Associate Dean, OSU Center for Health Sciences
Val Gene Iven Head Team Physician/Director of Sports Medicine
John Stemm Head Athletic Trainer
Scott Parker Head Football Trainer
Chris Barlow Senior Director, OSU Counseling & Health Services
Leon McClinton Director of University Housing
Chad Weiberg Deputy Athletic Director
Brandon Meyer Athletic Department Legal Counsel
Rob Glass Director of Human Performance / Strength and Conditioning
Kyle Waters Director of Athletic Facilities
Mack Butler Director of Football Operations
Rod Johnson Assistant Director of Football Operations
Wes Edwards Director of Equipment Operations
Justin Williams Director of Football Equipment Operations
Ben Crawford Cowboy Dining

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