PFB - OSU Wrestling: Top Recruit AJ Ferrari and Family Moving Back to Texas

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
The top-ranked wrestling recruit in the 2020 class and his family are moving back to Texas. No. 1-ranked overall recruit and OSU target AJ Ferrari and his family announced via Facebook that they will be moving back to their hometown of Allen after spending the last year in New Jersey.

A few months ago Ferrari was interviewed on his recruitment and indicated that his main two schools were Oklahoma State and Rutgers, and that whatever school he chose would be a very long term decision as his younger brothers would be a big part of that and will be attending the same school.

He’s also a big John Smith guy.

“John Smith, I watch a ton of John Smith…,” said Ferrari. “I’ve always watched and idolized him from a young age. He’s someone who I really look up to and really want to accomplish the same things as him.

“Not only what he does on the mat, but also what he does off the mat. He’s huge with his family, very tight. Huge Italian family just like me, and I kind of look up to that and I kind of want to aspire to be like that. Not only in wrestling, but outside of wrestling.”

Does this move back to Texas put Smith and Oklahoma State in the driver’s seat for his services?

It will certainly be worth following as the Pokes put together their 2020 class.

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