PFB - Photos: Cowgirls Take Game 1 in WCWS Over Florida 2-1

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Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State downed Florida 2-1 in Round 1 of the Women’s College World Series on Thursday in Oklahoma City on the bat and arm of one Samantha Show.

It was an historic performance by an OSU athlete, and it produced OSU’s first WCWS victory this century. Show hit two bombs and gave up just one earned run to the No. 5-seeded Gators.

It was … well … a Show show.

No. 3 produced the only two hits OSU would get on the night — both of them cleared the fence, and the second, which came in the top of the sixth, ended up being a game-winner. It pushed OSU to 45-15 on the season and into the second round of the WCWS.

They stood too close.
@SamanthaShow03 | #WCWS | #okstate

— Cowgirl Softball (@CowgirlSB) May 31, 2019

@SamanthaShow03 | #WCWS | #okstate

— Cowgirl Softball (@CowgirlSB) May 31, 2019

of the game for @CowgirlSB, Samantha Show, gives her take on the game to @sportsiren.#WCWS

— NCAA Softball (@NCAAsoftball) May 31, 2019

.@CowgirlSB gets their first #WCWS win since 1998!

— espnW (@espnW) May 31, 2019

Jackson Lavarnway was on hand to shoot the action, too, and he got some gems. Here’s a look at some of the best from Thursday’s WCWS opener for these thrilling Cowgirls.

Now OSU will face either Alabama or No. 1 seed OU on Friday night at 8:30. Think there will be any interest in either of those opponents?

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