Post-COVID 19 Predictions

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Oct 13, 2004
Thoughts on hospital and clinical care post Covid-19:

Hospital and clinical care are all going to take a leap forward in terms of health and safety I believe.
We will see more hand washing and not by just surgeons, we may see more restrictions on patient visitation long term or gowning in more areas than just the burn ward (in the old days). Virtual visits will increase substantially for clinics and that will be a big help to our overburdened physicians and staff for family and other medical care. Hopefully, we will see a reduction of red tape in order to get a prescription for life saving meds...this will be partially due to video visit access to patients and hopefully a loosening of restrictions on what types of medications need prescriptions and which do not. We are typically leaning more and more to medical freedom in society (see CBD). Dental care may become interesting in terms of how serious providers start to take face masking at all times and protection from virus...likely measures will also include temp prior to service in Dental practices. One of the biggies, we severely need to make our drugs here in the good ole USofA...we don't want to be beholden to enemy OR friendly powers when it comes to the healthcare of Americans. Overall, events like this should boom innovation, not scare us so much that we put our minds on autopilot crawl into a shell. I'm hoping for the former.