Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

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Nov 20, 2006
In the Boondocks in Creek County, Oklahoma
It was a close battle against WVU, but we took care of buisness today. Baylor playing Texas is on right now. It would be nice if Baylor won but wouldn't really matter; however, fans, we want them to beat OU. Go horned frogs
I think it does matter if Texas beats Baylor. While we, ISU and Texas are in a three way tie, the first step of the tiebreaker is against other teams. If Texas has a win against Baylor, that would give them position above us. We need Baylor to win.


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Nov 27, 2004
Edmond Oklahoma
Tom Herman looks like such a dips**t blowing bubbles on the sideline. I've always thought that guy was a massive fraud. Especially when he acted all tough like he was going to fight Gundy because Gundy was trying to get our guys off the field last year.