Settlement in NFL vs. Kaepernick,Reid

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Jul 25, 2018
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With the Pig socks, of course.

Personally, I love that the NFL settled this. Time marches on & not having this suit in court, testimony, etc... will only make it go away faster.


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Jun 24, 2005
I've seen him in a Che Guevara shirt, but not Castro. For what it's worth, Guevara hated gay and black people and killed a good number of both for fun.
Che is a cult hero for people who dislike America and aren't too smart.

Like the subject of this thread who some on here are so impressed with.

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Wishing I was in Stillwater

Redskins sign receiver Jordan Veasy, who was part of Colin Kaepernick's workout
Chris Bumbaca, USA TODAY
4 hrs ago

Three weeks after his doomed NFL workout, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. But one of his receivers from that day has found work.
© Carmen Mandato, Getty Images Colin Kaepernick stands with Bruce Ellington, Brice Butler, Jordan Veasy, and Ari Werts during the his workout at Charles R. Drew High School on Nov. 16 in Riverdale, Georgia.

The Washington Redskins signed wide receiver Jordan Veasy to their practice squad Wednesday, and Veasy told the Washington Post he doesn't believe he'd have a job without that workout.
“It helped,” the 24-year-old said. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of it. Just being a part of the history of it, and I knew it was going to help me.”

Veasy played his college ball at California, which is where he met Kaepernick, who was in his class auditing black representation in popular culture, the Post reported. Kaepernick was a member of the San Francisco 49ers then.

The 24-year-old went undrafted in 2018 and had signed with four teams since, most recently the Buffalo Bills earlier this season. So when the Gadsen, Alabama, native heard Kaepernick was working out in front of NFL scouts less than two hours away at the Atlanta Falcons' practice facility in Flowery Branch, Georgia, he reached out to his old classmate's agent.

“I was going to be in Gadsden running routes anyway,” Veasy told the Post. “Might as well run 'em in front of some scouts.”
Veasy was on the receiving end of one of the more viral clips to emerge from the workout, which was moved to Charles R. Drew High School in Riverdale, Georgia, after Kaepernick's team and the league could not agree to terms. Kaepernick unleashed a deep ball 50 yards downfield, and Veasy tracked it down in the end zone.

The Cleveland Browns flew him in nine days after the workout, according to the Post, but he did not sign a deal. Veasy remained unemployed until the Redskins called him this week, which made sense — Veasy said he saw Richard Mann II, who attended his pro day last year and is the Redskins’ assistant director of pro personnel, at the workout, per the Post.
"It was surreal," Veasy told the Post.


If you are any good, someone will sign you. Your talent just has to outweigh your baggage.