The Creepy Joe thread

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Have some class
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Jun 29, 2004
Fairmont, MN
holy jeebus. This guy or trump. I'm close to writing in Libertarian Joe Exotic.
Hopefully Cuomo gains traction if we get to a brokered convention. That's probably a pipe dream though.

It's probably 4 more years of Trump. Regardless of what happens he is going to look like a hero here, which is weird because no one is really listening to him right now. But absolutely no one is caring about the democratic primary right now and that won't change for a while so Bidens ability to gain momentum is nonexistent. Our economy come November should favor the opposition candidate but Trump gets an easy pass on it considering where we were a couple of months ago and what is going on now.

But yeah, one of my takes from Tiger King was that there is a universe where Joe Exotic is running the show in Oklahoma right now and the real decisions are made by a somewhat intelligent libertarian kid who was running the sporting goods section at Walmart a couple of years ago. And I'd trust that guy to make decisions about this over our current President or opposition candidate. Strange times we are living in.


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Oct 18, 2006
Spring, TX
Something is seriously wrong with Biden. This was a "prepared" presentation and he is still failing at it. He's got cue cards and still borking it. The debates (assuming they even happen) are going to be awful.
Jul 22, 2011
"The case where we cannot let this we've never allowed any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic o '17 all the way round (uh 16). We have never never let our democracy sakes second fiddle. Way they we can both have democracy and elections and at the same time correct the public health."

~Joseph R. Biden, Democratic Candidate for the United States Senate