Trade Singler for Okafor

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Dec 19, 2012
I saw that yesterday. I love the idea of getting him as a backup center and potential huge lineup with Adams, Melo, George, Russ to give certain teams fits like we did with Kanter. I think it's a long shot for several reasons. The Sixers will likely get decent value offers, so Singler may be a no-go. Okafor wants to play more- does that include backup on a contender?
I actually like the idea of Abrines, Singler, and a pick for Okafor and Covington. It would help us financially this year too. It would be two expiring contracts you'd have to resign or replace, and Abrines is a good prospect.

El Gato Bandito

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Jan 5, 2009
He needs to go somewhere he can play significant minutes. That isn't happening in OKC as long as Adams and Patterson are healthy.