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Unhinged Idiot
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Apr 4, 2005
It's a girl taking test wanting compete as a man. Fyi

Yeah. I guess I'm missing the why of the outrage.

He's a girl that wants to be a guy, that is wrestling girls, because the state is making him, cause he's a girl.

If it was a guy, that wanted to be a girl wrestling girls, then I'd understand the outrage.

It's all very confusing.
Aug 16, 2012
I think diversity and tolerance are great, but there are many who do not really know what they mean or entail.

I see the bigger problem as social media and the internet in general have given voice--typically anonymous, but not always--to the fringe elements that MSM and these fringe elements try to convince everyone represents the belief of society as a whole. These fringe elements then become even more vocal, frequently violent, empowered by the belief society has their back and everyone with a different viewpoint is wrong and it is somehow their place to teach us all a lesson.

Problem is not the concept. Problem is the execution of the concept.