Who Wins a Major First

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Aug 22, 2006
SE Oklahoma
Hovland is the most consistent of the 3 he hardly misses a fairway, needs some work on his short game but he's consistently making cuts and usually in the top 15. He would be my pick. Ricky can get hot and win one but so far he hasn't played very well this year. Wolff is really streaky he easily could have won on Sunday but he missed some easy putts and he made a couple of amazing putts. I think if he just pars the 1st hole Sunday he would have won but he made a bogey and it got to his head.
Jul 16, 2005
Hovland having a good 3rd round and in 2nd right now, 1 shot behind Justin Thomas. Hovland is -5 on the day and -13 for the tournament. Morikawa led after 36 but is +1 today and in third.

Frustrating Fowler is tied for the low round of the day at -6, and -9 for the tournament.


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Oct 4, 2006
Saint Louis, MO
Hovland is definitely the most consistent and will make the most money and earn the highest ranking in the short term over the next few years.

But, Wolff seems to have the highest ceiling needed to win a major if he hit a hot streak at the right time.

Fowler can win but he’s had chances over the last several years but never closed.

The best part is it could be any of the 3 really. The last few years there had been 1 OSU golfer that has had a chance. Now, we have 3. Seems like 1 will be in it just about every weekend. It was Wolff last weekend, Hovland this weekend.

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Sep 1, 2007
Denver, CO
Fowler, Hovland, and Wolff who wins a Major Championship first?
Hovland, no doubt. He has the perfect game for major golf, he just needs to tighten up the short game a bit. Wolff will be a guy who contends 4-5 times a year and misses a bunch of cuts. Hovland will be the superior pro. I love Rickie but I think he’s got a lower ceiling than both Hovvy and Wolff, plus he married Allison Stokke...I would practice less. :)
Oct 21, 2013
Austin Texas
Fowler, Hovland, and Wolff who wins a Major Championship first?
There was a time not long ago I would have said Hunter Mahan. Homie seems lost for some reason. Miss his competitive spirit.

I’ll say Wolff and Hovland both win a major. Hovland first.

Fowler racks up a 1/2 billion in endorsements over 30 years (overstated for effect)

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Dec 20, 2010
South Tulsa
Hovland needs to stop yucking it up with his fellow competitors and take a page from Tiger’s book, and develop a killer instinct. He had a great opportunity this weekend and Morikawa seemed more focused.