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Ranking the Quarterbacks in the Big 12

The Big 12 has enjoyed an enormous amount of success at the QB position in recent years. Big names such as Vince Young, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden exploded onto the scene and dominated college defenses. Seeing high caliber quarterback play has become familiar territory for both fans and coaching staffs of Big 12 teams. Even Coach Gundy has said in an interview with ESPN’s Mike and Mike TV and Radio show, “The level of quarterback play we are getting is fantastic. We went through this four or five years ago when we had several first-round draft picks”. So when looking forward to the upcoming football season and projecting how each team will fare, it makes sense to start by looking at how each team stacks up against each other at the QB position.

1. Oklahoma- No surprise here as OU returns Baker Mayfield who is a near unanimous addition to any preseason Heisman watch list. Last season he threw for 3,700 yards with a 68.1% completion percentage and a 173.3 quarterback rating. His completion percentage and 5:1 touchdown to interception ratio was tops in the league when looking at QB’s with 150 or more attempts. He also seems to have shaken off the turnover tendencies which plagued him at Texas Tech and summarily earned himself the nickname of “Baker the Turnover-maker”. Although he lost his number one target from last season in Sterling Shepherd (drafted by the New York Giants), there is no reason to suspect a step back from Mayfield. In fact, year two for Mayfield at OU could bring improvements for the transfer QB.

2. Texas Tech- Possibly the best thing going for Tech is Patrick Mahomes who has shown flashes of brilliance in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense. While Mahomes and the #3 team in this ranking are very close in terms of passing numbers, what sets Mahomes apart is his ability to run the ball. While his passing numbers were explosive, to the tune of 4,653 yards passing and 36 touchdowns, he also ran for...
I did a little write up in the other thread about the guys we are losing (or might lose to the draft). Each of those guys has meant so much to our program, and there's always the lingering concern about how you replace guys like that.

But the cupboard is far from bare, so I thought I'd write a bit about the guys who are coming back and some of the new guys coming in.

The Returnees

Ryan Sluder (Sr.) - Ryan had a down year at the plate, but I think his hand injury set him back more than any of us know. Still, you'd be hardpressed to find a better defensive centerfielder in college baseball. Scouts have always talked about Sluder as a five-tool player if he ever reaches his potential. Don't forget that he was more of a football guy until he came to OSU. I look for Ryan to have a big senior season and up his draft stock big time.

Dustin Williams (Sr.) - I think Dustin was asked to do some things at the plate this year that he hadn't been asked to do before - namely to try and tap into his power a bit more at the expense of the higher OBP and opposite field hitting that we saw from him in his first two years. When Krietemeier graduated two years ago, I wondered if we'd see a defensive drop off at first base, but Dustin has been as good or better. Dustin was drafted in the mid-30 rounds, but I anticipate he'll return and I'm really hopeful that we'll see him finish his OSU career on a strong note.

Andrew Rosa (R-Jr.) - I'm really excited to see Andrew get more time on the field next year. Obviously things may get tougher when other teams start to develop a "book" on him, but Andrew has definitely shown some flashes at the plate. I would guess Andrew will be in the mix for the shortstop job next year.

Garrett Benge (Jr.) - Garrett is another kid that we got the chance to interact with at the banquet, and you'd have absolutely no idea that this was a kid who'd just had a JUCO season for the ages. Quiet, humble, unassuming and very gracious and...
Omaha Day 4

Today is the last day I am here. It is really sad to leave as our boys are playing so well.

We played golf at Indian Creek Golf Course, which was amazing. I would think that this is one of Omaha’s best public courses. We finished up our round at about 1pm. We then headed back to the hotel, and then headed out to the bars to pregame. We choose the bar really close to the park called “Blatt”. It was a great atmosphere. We watched the UCSB vs Miami game there and had a blast. Got a chance to talk to Andrew Rosa’s dad for a bit. Met a nice couple that flew up from Houston at the bar as we shared a community table.

After we had our fill at “Blatt” we sold our OSU allotted tickets for $20 and bought some better seats for $30/ticket right down 1st base line.


The Rain Delay crowd:

We later moved closer to the OSU section as the game went on. Some great people down that line that helped us cheer on the pokes. Also got a shot of this guy on the walls of TD Ameritrade.


WHAT A WIN! 2-0, in the drivers seat. Buffett picked up right where Hatch left off and Cobb was filthy to close it out. As most of you probably are right now, my father and I are absolutely thrilled. Such a great game.


2 runs. 2 wins.

2016 Oklahoma State Football Thoughts and Preview

By Internationalaw

2015 Review:10-3 Record

Losses:Baylor,OU,Ole Miss(Consecutively)

Pts/Game: 29 (86th)

Total Sacks: 40 (5th)

Efficiency Rating: 61.1 (42nd)

Tackle Leaders: *Jordan Sterns (108)
*Jordan Burton (98)
*Chad Whitener (93)

Key Returning Players: Jordan Sterns (S)
Vincent Taylor (DT)
Ashton Lampkin (CB

Sack Leaders: Emmanuel Ogbah (13)
Jimmy Bean (5.5)
*Vincent Taylor (5.0)

Key Losses: Emmanuel Ogbah (DE)
Ryan Simmons (MLB)
Kevin Peterson (CB)

INT Leaders: 7 players tied with 2 * Denotes Returning Player

Part II of our summer long OSU Football previews focuses on the defense. Similar to *Part 1, Part II is going to be a broad, but comprehensive overview of the 2016 defense. There will be a lot of changes on this side of the ball due to early departures, graduating seniors and super senior...
Omaha Trip Day 3

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there. Including my own father, Clowndad. It has been a memorable trip and I owe it all to him. Since I have been working full time for the better part of 6 years, after I graduated OSU, I now fully understand all of the sacrifices he has made being my coach all those years when he had a full time job. He loves our Cowboys and this is his first trip to Omaha as well. He has some great stories of the Gary Ward era, so I was surprised to hear that he never has gotten the opportunity to come up here. So we are definitely making the most of this father/son outing.

Cowboys were off today so I booked a tee time at Pacific Springs Golf Course out in West Omaha. There are quite a few business parks out there, and everything looks brand new. After talking to the locals, that seems to be the consensus that everything is moving west. Pacific Springs is 6,000 yard par 72 course. There is very lush bent grass that lines the fairways. Its not a very long course, but it definitely challenged me today. I don’t think we have a course like this where I play. Oklahoma usually has pretty short quick grass because of the heat, and I live off of bouncing 7 irons off the front of the green and rolling them up onto the dance floor. Overall I really like the challenge. Most holes you need an iron off the tee, because the dogleg or a creek would prevent you from hitting driver. I probably pulled out diver 5 times all round.

Dad and I on the 17th tee

After the round we are quite hungry, so I look up Upstream Brewing Co.. Thought it was going to be a little bit more of a local thing, but if you have ever been to BJ’s Brew House or Gordon Biersch, you have been to Upstream Brewing Co. Solid food, solid brews, lots of TVs.


Dad and I hang around the hotel and watch the end of the US Open. I am 28, but I’m aching pretty badly. That is what a desk job will do to you kids....