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College World Series trip Day 2

It’s 7am and I can’t sleep. I’m ready to head out and cheer on our Pokes. Someone else was on his way up to Omaha. You might know him as OSUFreak82. He reached out to me to see what our plans were. I told him we were getting ready and we planned on walking to the stadium in a little bit. After, I get my 4 cups of coffee in me, get dressed in a bunch of orange and we take off out the front door, walking the mile to TD Ameritrade. Thankful that we were able to book a hotel within walking distance

OSUFreak tells me that he is at this bar called DJ’s Dugout Sports Bar. We meet up with OSUFreak and @RedRoss at this pretty impressive sports bar with lots of TVs. I immediately ordered two Fat Tires they were delicious, of course. After a few beers, and after giving our sweet waitress a hard time for a couple of hours, we took off to the stadium.

It’s a neat experience to walk down that road and see the stadium off in the distance. We make a bee-line to the famous statue that is located outside the stadium behind home plate.


(photo cred: OSUFreak82)

We then head up the stairs to the gate behind home plate, and there is not much of a line to speak of. We have about 45min before the first pitch so we decide to do a lap taking in the sights and sounds of the College World Series. It is a very nice ballpark with plenty of room to move about and short lines to get food and beer. Oh, did I mention that this is the very first year that they have served beer at the CWS? Well it couldn’t have come at a better time. They make you show your ID to get a wristband, so that was a little strange compared to most sporting events I have attended, but I understand the logic. So after we grab some brews and waters we head up to our seats. We see OSU take the...
Saturday afternoon Oklahoma State received its 16th commitment of the 2017 class from Beaumont, TX Offensive lineman Dan Moore Jr. Moore is a big guard prospect that does not mind getting "nasty" in the trenches. We caught up with him earlier for this interview.

I know you were just on a visit to Stillwater can you tell me about it?

"It was great, academics is a big thing for me. Once I found out how good their engineering program was, and how much help is accessible to their players, it instantly made them attractive. I also loved their facilities, some of the best in the country. And the coaches are phenomenal!"

What kind of engineering are you wanting to major in?

"I want to major in Architectural Engineering."

What made you decide to go ahead and commit so quickly after the visit?

"They had one spot left, coach asked if I wanted it, it was mine! I had already developed a relationship with coach Adkins before he offered me so I had Oklahoma State at the top of my list. And after seeing and hearing what I did at the visit just made me want to jump on board!"

Can you describe your relationship with Coach Adkins?

"It's great, he came up in Spring and loved my film and wanted to see me move in person. He ended up offering me after a mega camp 2weeks ago. He texts everyday, even if it's just to check on me. He also had talked with my parents on the phone and in person and they both like him as well."

Can you tell me what kind of player Oklahoma State is getting in Dan Moore?

"They're going to get a physical, hard nose offensive lineman who is not afraid to get nasty in the run game. But also a very smart one!"

Since you did commit today I wanted to ask you if you have now closed the door on the recruitment process?

"I will still continue to keep my options open but it would be extremely hard for me to decommit. Because in order for me to do that they would have to top what I saw...
Hi everybody. Here I am, sitting in a hotel room in Omaha, Nebraska awaiting the opening game of the 2016 College World Series. I didn’t know when I was going to be able to say those words. During football season, the only Bowl game I said I was going to attend was the National Championship, or the Sugar Bowl. Lo and behold, we were able to secure a Sugar Bowl bid. I said the same thing about the CWS and Omaha. Looking back at the season in March…. It didn’t seem much more than a pipe dream. I told my father on several occasions that this team didn’t seem to have “it”. Boy, was I wrong. This team has shown “it” over the last two weeks. So, eating a bit of crow, here is Day 1 in our 5 day CWS excursion.

I left OKC at about 10am, planning on getting to Collinsville, ‘merica at about noon. I picked up my father and off we went. We went north on highway 169 to Coffeyville, KS. Then later, jogging over to 75 north. Let me be the first to tell you, if traveling from the Tulsa area… Just take I-44 and then north on I-49. It might take about 30 minutes more, but its worth the 4 lanes. About 80% of the trip was on a two-lane road. We had about 386hp under the hood and we used every bit of it, passing trucks and mini-vans.

We arrived in Omaha right at 6:30pm. Parked outside our hotel. (Magnolia Hotel in Omaha)

I walked into the doors and I instantly lock eyes with a Miami fan. He couldn’t have been nicer to me. “Hey how’s it going?”, he asked. “Great, how about you?”, I said. First impressions of Omaha are that it is about the same size of Tulsa, but it is everything Tulsa wants to be. It feels like a bigger city than it is. People are out, being active; there are dive bars and upscale bars and restaurants. People are biking around. It’s very much alive. Tulsa can be like this. It is really close, but not quite there.

After unpacking, we left to head to the Fairfield Inn near...
An OP Original OSU v UCSB - Game 1 CWS
Getting to know the Gauchos:

They made it to Omaha in much the same way, we did, by running through the competition, 5-0, this postseason. If there was any doubt about UCSB, coming out of regionals, without seeing the #1 seed (Vanderbilt), they quickly answered those questions vs. Louisville, whom many had as the best team in the country. Honestly, they remind me a lot of us and that's dangerous. They have faciltity problems (no permeant restrooms) but have made the tourney 4 of the last 5 years, including hosting last year (they were forced to host at a minor league facility 180 miles from campus). Coach Checkett of UCSB is considered to be a pitching guru and is rumored with some big open coaching positions.

Game 1 will be carried on ESPN2 at 2 pm.

We will undoubtedly face junior RHP Shane Beiber, drafted in the 4th round by the Indians. Beiber is definitely a control pitcher. He's going to throw his pitches for strikes and where he wants them. 12-3, 2.84 ERA, 103 Ks to only 16 walks. That ratio is good enough for top 10 in the country. He's a fastball - slider guy. Baseball America's scouting report says Bieber, has a clean repeatable delivery. He doesn't have overwhelming stuff, throwing 88-92 mph, but he has good control and command. His off-speed pitches need work. TD Ameritrade Ballpark is set up to be a pitcher's ballpark. Beiber throws strikes and lets a good defense behind him do their job. That's the perfect strategy for Omaha and one that we, too, will use.

Top power hitter is 4 hole DH/1B Austin Bush: .269/.350/.479 with 11 Hrs. Baseball America's anonymous coach scouting says Bush is vulnerable to fastball in, if the velo is up. So, Hatch will need to hit his marks, otherwise, Bush could make it a long day for us. For the record, Bush went OFF for 3 home runs in 3 games in the Nashville regional.

OF Andrew Calica draws a lot of walks at the leadoff spot, OBP of .450, so expect him to make Hatch throw a lot of pitches. Calica was the hitter of...
Oklahoma State held the 2nd annual Down and Dirty lineman camp today. It is a camp for high school offensive and defensive lineman, where the coaches get to work the prospects out and get live look at them. Here are some pictures from the camps that were posted onto twitter.