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Oklahoma State offered Kyler Edwards, a shooting guard from the 2018 class, earlier today. He attends Arlington Bowie high school. While watching his tape it appears he has a nice mid-range and 3 point jump shot. He also is very good at driving to the basket and scoring with either hand. I also notice for a guard he is very active on the glass at both ends. We caught up with Edwards for an interview tonight.

Can you tell me how you got the news of the offer and what was going through your mind when you were offered?

"I had a phone call with coach Mike Boynton and that made me feel really good to have a offer from one of my favorite schools. In my mind I was thinking how good I would look in that Cowboys uniform."

"So you are a Cowboys fan? Is there a connection to OSU or did that come from just watching them growing up?"

"Yes, this is a blessing to be wanted by the OSU Cowboys because I am also a Dallas Cowboys fan because my Pops (Kelvin Edwards 1987-1988 with Dallas) played with them and maybe one of these days I can say I'm a cowboy too."

Can you tell me about your relationship with Coach Boynton? Also have you had any contact with Coach Underwood or has it just been with Coach Boynton so far?

"I consider him as a good communicator/ good friend and I have just contacted coach Boynton so far."

Are you planning on visiting OSU soon?

"Yes I do plan on taking a visit soon."

"Can you describe yourself as player?"

"My dad calls me Magic Johnson with a good jump shot because I can pass the ball good rebound and score. I also get everyone involved in the game."

What other schools have been in contact or offered you so far?

"Boise State offered me and there are a lot of schools I have been communicating with."

You can discuss the interview here.
Today Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State football staff opened up their High school camp in Stillwater. Below we have a couple of snapshots of the day.



Oklahoma State did offer 2018 LB Bumper Pool of Lovejoy High School in Allen, Texas today. Pool had 148 tackles, 18 TFL, 4 sacks, 5 forced fumbles last season. In watching the film he appears to be a fast hard hitting linebacker with a nose for the ball.




2016 Oklahoma State Football Thoughts and Preview

By Internationalaw

2015 Review: 10-3 Record

Losses: Baylor, OU, Ole Miss (Consecutively)

480 Yards/Game
39.54 Pts/Game

Passing Leader: Mason Rudolph
Rushing Leader: Chris Carson
Receiving Leaders: James Washington

Key Losses: JW Walsh (QB)
David Glidden (WR)
Brandon Sheperd (WR)
Jeremy Seaton (CB)

We are going to embark on a summer long preview of the 2016 Oklahoma State football program. Our goal is to provide Offensive and Defensive previews followed by positional breakdowns over the course of the summer. Part 1 is going to be a broad, but comprehensive season preview for the Offense.

The 2015 season ended on a sour note indeed, but there is a lot to be excited about in 2016. Even with a 10 win season in the books, the season left players, fans and others around the program wanting more while understanding key deficiencies that needed to be improved upon prior to the 2016 season. The biggest deficiency on offense is clear, run blocking and rushing. Both are mutually dependent making this a huge emphasis this past spring and into the upcoming summer workouts. As bad as the OL and running game looked over the course...
Two weeks ago Oklahoma State offered 2017 DE Brock Martin from Oologah, OK. He didn't take very long on deciding where he wanted to continue his football career, committing to OSU just a week after receiving the offer. Martin appears to be very quick at getting off the block and getting to the QB. He has pretty good speed as shown in the Hudl video when he runs down a running back. Last season he missed the first 5 games due to an ACL injury, but was able to play the rest of the season since he made a very speedy recovery in just 4 months. He recorded 96 tackles and 17 sacks last season. OrangePower.com caught up with Martin this morning for an interview.

Congratulations on committing to Oklahoma State. Before you committed to OSU what schools were recruiting you the hardest other than Oklahoma State?

"Texas Tech, Baylor, Memphis, Kansas State, and Kansas were the the schools that were recruiting me the hardest."

What about Oklahoma State stood out above those other schools that made you want to commit?

"It was close to home, I grew up a cowboy and OSU contends for a (Big 12) championship almost every year."

If you can could you tell OSU fans what kind of player they are getting in Brock Martin?

"OSU fans are getting a player that has a good work ethic, that's willing to work with coaches to fit in wherever may best fit the team, one that makes good decisions on and off the field. My motor tends to run very hot which means I don't give up on plays and go hard every play."

What have the coaches told you about where they see you playing at?

"They have told me that they want me at either strong side end or the leo side."

Do you have an idea about what you are wanting to major in?

"I want to major in business at OSU."

Have you closed the door on the recruiting process now that you have committed?

"It is closed unless a coaching change happens or the football team does something to get...