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    If Football Is Cancelled

    They could die
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    Cowboy Baseball

    excellent. so glad i live in the tampa tv market
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    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    If wrestling is a major sport then golf most certainly is
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    Better start looking for a Sept 3rd opponent...

    Rack you just wait until the 18-22 year olds start showing up on college campuses in the fall. It will be like spring break or a Trump rally every weekend. I can see the bars jampacked with teens that have been caged up since March with no one to tell them what to do.It's going to be bedlam in...
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    When do they update the Basketball Rosters?

    I was looking for that the other day. By my count we will lose 3 players next year, the 2 grad transfers and assuming Cade leaves. So this leaves us 2 years to cut 3 scholarships per the sanctions. The following year Ice leaves and Mitchell but not sure of his scholarship status. I'm hoping the...
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    Poll: Opinion on the 2020 FB season?

    Side effects of oregano is a craving for spaghetti?
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    Poll: Opinion on the 2020 FB season?

    That's definitely an option
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    Poll: Opinion on the 2020 FB season?

    Do we really think all 50,000 fans will be wearing masks in September when its mid 80' s temperature? I doubt it. Maybe there will be a ' mask wearing ' section in BPS. By the looks of the recent rally in Tulsa if its still an option to wear a mask my bet is you won't see very many. But hey if...
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    Anybody have an OSU player covid 19 update?

    Half of the country is not going to listen to you. Until every state is following the CDC guidelines of wearing a mask in public and social distancing this virus will continue to kick our ass. The USA has 4% of the worlds population and 25% of the deaths.What don't people understand? Everyone...
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    RBC Heritage - PGA Golf

    I was watching SVP show on ESPN last night and he commented on how low the scores were and it was mentioned the courses will be deliberatly set up easier to encourage lower scores in order to get the fan base back.
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    How OSU becomes a title contender (ESPN)

    OMG you mean we might drop to #43 in the recruiting ranking?:eek::ohmy:
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    I thought a player had to be in the portal before being contacted by other teams. Am I wrong in assuming this?
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    Rondel Walker talking about upcoming basketball season

    Weren't we ranked #25 after returning from New York before Ice got sick?
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    Gundy’s comments today- the non sports parts

    You know you just jinxed Oklahoma, right? Wait and see my friend wait and see.