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    yeah none of that is going to happen
  2. fallacy

    Rivals is dead to me

    Let's please not pretend that Scout is miles behind Rivals just because Scout has us higher. Scout is by far the worst, even worse than ESPN and that's terrifying
  3. fallacy

    In The Eyes....

    247 i think is the best, followed by Rivals. ESPN and Scout i've always thought were terrible, though i'm hoping they're right about our class this year
  4. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 8

    1. Baylor 2-10. lol
  5. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 6

    I like how we're so bad this season we're all hoping that Baylor can beat Oklahoma just so OU doesn't win their 700th big12 title.
  6. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 6

    which was playing west virginia's third string. No excuses.
  7. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 6

    OU is number 6 in the nation in defense and 9th in total defense. Baylor isn't scoring 70 on them. WVU scored 7 on OU, 42 on baylor
  8. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 6

    BCS rankings (only missing the wolfe computer) 8. OU .660 15. Baylor .457 19. Tech .2807 25. OSU .120 Rest of the teams aren't ranked
  9. fallacy

    Rank the Big 12 after week 6

    1. OU - just because they have the best defense in the league 2. Baylor - Great offense, no defense. 3. Tech - undefeated i guess? There aren't any more teams in this league
  10. fallacy

    Time for the Chelf Package ?

    a package to throw the ball? You mean a quarterback?
  11. fallacy

    OSU v. WVU Post-game thoughts

    we suck /thread
  12. fallacy

    Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs West Virgina

    yay, we suck again
  13. fallacy

    ESPN - Overrated & Underrated Teams

    Baylor looks better than us too. We should just name them big 12 champions now based on looks. Both OU and OSU will beat baylor
  14. fallacy

    Power Rankings after Week 3 games

    My fault, you're right on the first part. I think Tulsa would be UTSA by 17 points, but we'll see when they play. Watts will be by far the best player on the field that game.
  15. fallacy

    Power Rankings after Week 3 games

    Tulsa All-Time Record: 575-449 OSU All-Time Record: 532–523 Of course Tulsa was playing nobodies while we were playing some of the greatest teams in NCAA history every year with OU and Nebraska. Tulsa has been a solid program though, i've got plenty of respect for them.