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    Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Memorial Service Monday...

    Because showing up and screaming at grieving widows, orphans, and parents at a funeral is on the same level as arguing on the interwebs.
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    Who's your favorite financial person?

    I tend to like Clark Howard and sometimes Suze Orman.
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    Post your reaction when Weeden fumbled in victory formation here!

    This thread is epic. I was laughing so hard on some of these I was almost crying.
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    Job Searching Tips?

    I've heard you can send either a hand written note or a typed business letter, depending on the type of job you're going for. I may be wrong, though. I sent one of the little notes that you get from the Hire OSU Grads office after the interview I had for my current job and it worked fine, though.
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    Job Searching Tips?

    Best of luck to you on your interview! Remember to send a thank you letter or note after the interview. A lot of people forget to do this very basic thing, and it can make a big difference.
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    Official P90X Thread

    I missed one workout, Arms & Shoulders, because my arms were dead weight that day. Made it through every other workout this week, though, so it's a decent start. I might repeat this week in order to make sure I can build up enough strength for the next round. Kenpo X was awesome, but the...
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    Official P90X Thread

    Did Plyo today. It too kicked my butt, but I absolutely loved it. The only moves I couldn't quite get down were hot feet (probably because I was tired by that time) and the squatting jumping jacks. I loved the heismans, though. They were actually kind of fun. 2/88
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    Official P90X Thread

    I just started today. Did Arms & Back and Ab Ripper X, and it kicked my butt. :x I'm really looking forward to Plyo tomorrow, though. Upper body stuff has never really been my forte. :rolleyes: Sure, I'll take some worksheets. I PMd you my email. 1/89
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    Official P90X Thread

    I just got P90X in today and went and bought the required stuff (bands and pullup bar). My pullup bar is too short to fit in my door so I'll have to just improvise with the bands until I can find one that works. :( I don't think I'll follow the diet totally, but it makes for a good shopping...
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    PSA: Census

    The ages of the people could be useful for things like how much money the public schools get, as well as roads (you can estimate a 17 year old probably has a car, but a 3 year old doesn't). Seriously, if the government wanted info for nefarious reasons, they'd get it whether you filled out...
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    My son needs your votes!

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    Poll: OSU Graduate Salaries

    Class of 2009, BS in Biological Science with a double minor in Political Science and Middle East Studies. I'm a CSI.
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    Gay dating site's Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS

    At the risk of derailing this topic even further... Evolution is a scientific theory. A theory in science has nothing to do with the theory you are thinking of. A theory in science is a hypothesis that has been tested over and over again and has never been proven wrong. It is used to...
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    Gay dating site's Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS

    No, I'm saying it does not.
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    Gay dating site's Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS

    Sorry, I should have said it was one of the reasons it was immoral, not imply that it was the sole reason. Long day at work and I didn't formulate my argument before I posted, and for that I apologize. The fact that it does harm (physical and emotional) to someone (or something) else is...