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  1. PontiacPoke717

    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    I know it's a small sample size of 150 tested... but 3? Makes you wonder, since all were asymptomatic... how long have they actually had the virus but never showed any symptoms? What are the chances that it's more of a ~10%ish of people that carry the virus, and have carried it for months...
  2. PontiacPoke717

    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    How do they know it was from the Tulsa protest and he hasn't had it all along and was just asymptomatic?
  3. PontiacPoke717

    seems to me oSu is loaded for fall ...

    The success of our season will come down to about 3 things.. Staying healthy on the DL Chuba staying healthy Spencers progression - I'd say this is probably most important - you don't win this league without elite QB play.
  4. PontiacPoke717

    seems to me oSu is loaded for fall ...

    Bullrush is great to have and in that regard, our starters are probably top 3 in the Big12, but I'm worried about the drop off after that. Pass rush is also about putting players in position to make plays which Knowles scheme is awesome at... double that with the talent on the outside - they'll...
  5. PontiacPoke717

    seems to me oSu is loaded for fall ...

    Holding 0u to 31 should have been a W for us. Offense laid a huge turd and we couldn't get any of the little things to go our way when we needed too.
  6. PontiacPoke717

    CJ Moore enters transfer portal

    Corona virus? Good thing I don't drink Mexican beer...
  7. PontiacPoke717

    Grayson Boomer is in the transfer portal

    Baylor is a pretender
  8. PontiacPoke717

    Taking stock: 2019 season so far

    Take away perhaps even 2 of the 5 TO's against Tech, we win... Stop banging your head against a wall in the red zone against Texas, or take the two FGs, we likely win. Stupid mistakes and vanilla play calling have cost us the 6-0 record to this point. Spencer is learning each week, he'll only...
  9. PontiacPoke717

    ESPN Bowl Projections

    I'd love to beat the dog$#!+ out of ND. That would be a good thing for our program, to beat a helmet sticker.
  10. PontiacPoke717

    Depth Chart released

    Jernigan is extremely fast for his size. He'll be a pleasant surprise.
  11. PontiacPoke717

    Cowboys vs. Beavers Score prediction thread

    Pokes roll. Good opportunity to get our young DL some reps against a BAD OL. RB will cause us some fits, but we shouldn't have much issue getting some pressure. Chuba and LD own the spotlight, while both QBs get a TD on the ground. 47-24 with a late junk TD by the beavs.
  12. PontiacPoke717

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    Baylor's QB is the real deal. He will give us problems at home, but we should still be the better team. ISU will be a pick em. I just hope it's not a night game in Ames, to hell with that place.
  13. PontiacPoke717

    What to expect on defense

    If we field a top 50 defense in this league, we'll be winning most if not all of our games.
  14. PontiacPoke717

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    The OSU @ ISU game is shaping up to mean a lot for both teams, if they perform to their expectations. Both teams could very easily be 7-1 or 7-1/8-0 going into that game. It might be for a tiebreaker spot in the B12 championship game and both teams could be in the top 15. Each team have many...
  15. PontiacPoke717

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    In terms of the overall top 3 or 4 teams from each conference, I'd say... SEC>Big12>Big10>=ACC>Pac12