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    I am biased.

    How do you feel about and deal with those who fall short of your standards but strive to improve? And are you sure you view those who look, talk, believe and even smell differently than you?
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    Trump headed to Tulsa next Friday

    Let's hope the African American community doesn't decide to extract some revenge over the Greenwood murders on it's anniversary and with the POTUS present.
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    59 years ago today.

    Lay off the is not a cure.
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    59 years ago today.

    Fifty nine years ago today President John F. Kennedy publicly took full responsibility for the botched Bay of Pigs invasion. When asked why he acted so honorably, he reportedly said that there was no Barack Obama to blame it on.
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    Trump replaces Pentagon IG charged with overseeing $2T spending deal just signed

    The 6-time bankruptcy champ stated quite clearly that he would be in charge of oversight of the $2T bailout program. And if that doesn't scare the s*^#t out of you, I don't know what will.
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    The Market Thread

    Years ago I put the stock market in the rear view mirror and followed the advice of a trusted friend. That advice...California Income Property (in close proximity to large institutions such as military bases, hospital complexes and universities). Steady income plus asset appreciation. And...
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    What does Bloomberg’s $500 million media campaign tell us? very weak. Read the header at the top of the asks "What does this tell us?" I explained quite clearly what it tells us. Try to keep up.
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    What does Bloomberg’s $500 million media campaign tell us?

    First...that $500M (or whatever the actual amount is) is pocket change to him. If he is really worth $60B, that $500M probably came out of petty cash. Next, it says that an extremely successful, wealthy, patriotic American felt so passionately about dumping trump that he was willing to put...
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    Drain my swamp. Drain my swamp.

    Can't you just hear the chants booming from the arena in a poor, backward, southern state where trump is spewing hateful vomit to lathered, frothing followers..."drain my swamp. Drain my swamp. Drain my swamp." And with yet another firing of one of his own hires, he takes credit for another...
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    I feel so much better now...don't you?

    I feel so much better now about that pesky coronavirus thingy since Dr. Trump declared that the 15 cases currently known in the US are under control and that a medical solution will soon be available. I am ignoring the fact that those lame-brains from the CDC and the NIH reported that there are...
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    Richard Grenell named acting Dir of National Intelligence

    Next the head of the CDC (just another one of those pesky scientists) and bring in Dr. Irwin Corey - aka "The World's Greatest Authority." Look him up.
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    What do you ag students learn for 4 years?

    Correction: he lost the election but won the White House.
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    Wheres the problem?

    Are the suggested tip amounts calculated on the pre-tax or after-tax totals? I don't like the idea of tipping on tax.
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    San Francisco's 'Mr Clean' who was tasked with cleaning up city's streets and tackling the homeless crisis is charged with corruption for accepting ki

    I'm curious as to why this is on anyone's radar screen. If this was happening in Boise or Atlanta would it be discussed on this board?