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  1. StillwaterMan

    Football may be cancelled by end of week.

    Positive cases at camp arrival were ranging from 15-35 cases per school. Now the same schools have 1-2 positives some are claiming none.
  2. StillwaterMan

    Football may be cancelled by end of week.

    Have you considered all the scenarios. Is it just mathematical fact that more players will get covid without a football season than with? Canceling is the easy answer, but you are also canceling their ability to test weekly / biweekly, as well as eliminating their "give a damn".
  3. StillwaterMan

    Football may be cancelled by end of week.

    From the article "Several sources have indicated to ESPN that Big Ten presidents, following a meeting on Saturday, are ready to pull the plug on its fall sports season, and they wanted to gauge if commissioners and university presidents and chancellors from the other Power 5 conferences -- the...
  4. StillwaterMan

    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    Bingo. Many games in the Big 12 there are 10-15 extra points. Pretty much 20 of the 22 players half ass it, and they are just a nats ass shy of being automatic. We either need to scoot it back like the NFL did or nix it.
  5. StillwaterMan

    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    You are just old and set in your ways. :p
  6. StillwaterMan

    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    Extra points need to go. So do two point conversions. Get the damn thing over the line you get 7. Everyone but kickers wants this.
  7. StillwaterMan

    The woo and ticket sales

    If the season started tomorrow, and they'd let me in, Id be in the stands. With or without the rest of you.
  8. StillwaterMan

    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    I agree with the OPs thought, but might have used other words. The response to this virus appears to be completely out of proportion to the response to the other really deadly things we do on the daily.
  9. StillwaterMan

    Now that Non-Con is over....

    We won 5 with the crap show that was last year. I expect 8 wins at this point, which is probably one short of the NCAA.
  10. StillwaterMan

    OU is not a blue blood

    TCU is flirting hard with that 3rd tier. ISU is flirting hard with the 2nd. Other than that....pretty much.
  11. StillwaterMan

    Football Changes that MUST be made

    We are probably younger if not its splitting hairs. We also were without an All American WR, our starting QB was sidelined with a cast on his finger, and without KHP. We lost because we got cute on short yardage downs. I'm all for change for the better, but what is needed is not drastic.
  12. StillwaterMan

    Howdy former conferencemates!

    This is pretty much the truth.
  13. StillwaterMan

    Was Baylor Punished?

    Lets hope A). whatever is linguirng Is enough to run off Rhule and Staff. B). Whatever is lingering hinders the replacement. C). They get slammed. Either way, they will have a major drop off next year as they are extremely senior loaded (which is one of the reasons for their success this year).
  14. StillwaterMan

    Former National powers . . . now, not so much

    Moving to a conference with no rivals and switching the recruiting area by an entirely different region also doesn't help.
  15. StillwaterMan

    Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Gonna laugh my ass off on Friday when TT beats Texas for that coveted #7 spot.