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  1. The Poke

    Championship Game!!

    How low does it have to go before ESPN realizes that pimping out the SEC is damaging national interest? ”Monday's national championship comes in as the second-lowest viewership of the playoff era, and the second-lowest title game viewership in 16 years.”...
  2. The Poke

    The Disrespect Nationally Continues

    It's Dennis Dodd from CBS Sports. This is par for the course. When the Sports Illustrated "hit piece" was investigated and shredded he had this flippant response on Twitter. Dennis Dodd,, via Twitter: “Sad day for journalism, NCAA piling on SI. No need for joint statement...
  3. The Poke

    Portal News

    His 235 yards and 3 TDs against Tech in 2020 likely was the difference in the 50-44 win for the Pokes. He's far from the worst.
  4. The Poke

    Cowboy Baseball

    I've never really look much at baseball rankings at ANY point in the season. I don't even know if I'd change anything about the regional, super-regional, CWS format. Other than some head scratching pairings by the committee, it's still a good system. There is an interesting scheduling tweak to...
  5. The Poke

    History is Cyclic…

    Like, a John Blake type of down period? Asking for a friend...
  6. The Poke

    Future of CFP

    My college football season ended on January 1st and will resume on September 3rd.
  7. The Poke

    Bedlam 2021

    Nah, I’m just going to wait for the Sooner implosion to finish because it’s still going.
  8. The Poke

    Portal News

    He was a Prospect Analyst here. Can't find what he's doing at USC. His Twitter profile was updated to USC logos 3 hours ago.
  9. The Poke

    Jason Taylor

    Would his onside kick return last year against Tech be called a "kick six"?
  10. The Poke

    Bedlam 2021

    Your post about OSU transfers was just stupid so now it’s all about “stars“.Trying to lessen the caliber of OSU players that squarely handled Bedlam is just sour grapes on your part. I know you realize that OSU has a proven track record of developing 2 and 3 star guys.
  11. The Poke

    Bedlam 2021

    Sooner Fans right now.
  12. The Poke

    Where will we be ranked?

    Talk about a cluster f&$k at LSU. QB1 transferred to aTm QB2 entered the portal, withdrew from the portal, decided not to play in the bowl QB3 was denied a waiver from NCAA to not burn his redshirt if he played in the bowl so decided not to play.
  13. The Poke

    Bedlam 2021

    Nobody? Danny Godlevske Tay Martin Jaylen Warren Christian Holmes Josh Sills Those are 5 starters that transferred to play for Gundy (OSU).
  14. The Poke

    Portal News

    Jarret Doege is available.
  15. The Poke

    We got a logo too!

    I'm reminded of the old stock trading disclaimer.... "past performance does not necessarily predict future results".