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  1. wrenhal

    Territorial Marshal 50
  2. StillwaterTownie

    Federal Marshal From Where else but Stillwater
  3. OrangeInAustin

    Sheriff 39
  4. orngblkzebra

    "All this endless thinking, it's very overrated." From Shawnee, OK
  5. T-Town Poke

    Cowboy From Tulsa, OK
  6. OranGE-KK

    Cowboy 36
  7. GodsPeace

    Joshua 1:9 41 From Stillwater
  8. Pokengineer

    Go Pokes! From Albuquerque, NM
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  9. OSU1983

  10. Cowboys 4ever

    Greenhorn 28 From Stillwater
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  11. daspree

  12. OrangeSpidey

    Einstein 39 From Edmond, OK

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