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  1. Golden

    What If Ohio State And Oregon Both Go Undefeated?

    Suppose Alabama or Georgia lose one game? What if Oklahoma State also goes undefeated? Checking their schedules Ohio State and Oregon have a good shot at it. Will the SEC be left out?
  2. Golden

    How Would OSU do in the SEC?

    I was born and grew up in SEC country. They have been my favorite conference as long as I can remember. I am not a big fan of the Big 12 but I am a strong fan of Oklahoma State University. For that reason I would like to see OSU playing in the SEC. I know, I know, it will never happen but...
  3. Golden

    Is it still called Lewis Field? Maybe at Boone Pickens Stadium.

    The first game I attended was with my fiancee in 1973 and it was just Lewis Field. We attended more in 1974 as we lived in Tulsa and it seemed OSU won just about every game we watched. My wife was always somehow to get us free tickets. I guess she knew who to check with. Another thing I recall...
  4. Golden

    What is the most important win in OSU footbally history?

    For that matter it could be the most important loss or tie too. Just say the most important game period. I will not suggest one as I have not seen nearly as many as most of you,
  5. Golden

    Troy OC Kenny Edenfield

    Would probably make a great head coach. His offense has been fine all season and Troy just destroyed Ohio U.
  6. Golden

    Two interesting games tomorrow night.

    South Carolina at N.C. State and Troy at Bowling Green, Ohio. My guess is South Carolina in an easy win despite it being at NC state, and Troy in a tough one also away from home. BTW. last year the Sun Belt was 3-0 against the MAC.
  7. Golden

    Baseball Question.

    I am watching Florida vs. Southern Miss. Florida jumped out to a big lead but USM has slowly got back in the game. The score is now 6-4. A couple of innings ago, the Southern Miss third base coach made a bad decision and sent the runner to home on a short pop-up to RF. The throw was about 15...
  8. Golden

    Fedora Contract Extended

    I just saw on the USM alumni email that his contract has been extended to 2012. Don't recall if they mentioned the amount.
  9. Golden

    Southern Miss will take on Troy at New Orleans

    Troy won the Sunbelt Conference outright for the first time 35 to 9 against Ark State. Should be a good match up. Southern Miss seems to have gotten better as the season went along. For that matter so did Troy. Troy modeled their move to division 1A after Southern Miss and Marshall.
  10. Golden

    One game away from number 1?

    I think that is a very possible scenario. If we beat Texas and Alabama has a weak game, win or lose against Tennessee, then we are the logical choice. I am just assuming Ohio State will beat the Kitty Cats from Mt. Nit. Now, do I thnk we are really number one? If we beat Texas we sure will...
  11. Golden

    Auburn wants Gundy?

    I was just looking at an Auburn forum and in one of the threads where everyone is talking about firing Tuberville, a couple of people asked about Gundy. I do not have posting privileges there but could tell them, no there is no chance that Gundy will leave.
  12. Golden

    Best, most appropriate Team Names.

    There is an interesting thread about unusual team names. It made me think of team names which are both good and appropriate. For instance: The Green Bay Packers, is very appropriate but not all that good. Oklahoma Sooners, despite my dislike of them is both good and appropriate, that is if...