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  1. John_05MAE

    Football 2016 OL Ryan McCollum

    Good get here. Go Pokes.
  2. John_05MAE

    2015 Fan Shirt Vote

    I like the design of the first, but I do wish it just said Oklahoma instead of Cowboy. I like the OSU logo on back better than the full size Pete like number 2... but I do kind of wish the first was just normal Pete on the front instead of Phantom Pete.
  3. John_05MAE

    Style Upgrade

    They're behind the tarp.
  4. John_05MAE

    2015 Masters

    Love Rickie, and he played very well today. He's got all the tools... he showed it last year. The changes he made with Harmon have brought him a long way... he is striping it, he just needs a hot week with the putter.
  5. John_05MAE

    EA SPORTS at OSU This Saturday

    That's pretty cool of them.
  6. John_05MAE

    Cowboy Football Roundup w/ Mike Gundy - Week 1

    It streams great for me now. Thank you!
  7. John_05MAE

    Cowboy Football Roundup w/ Mike Gundy - Week 1

    My dsl is pretty crappy (1.5 down) but i cant get the stream to go for more than about 2seconds without buffering. :(
  8. John_05MAE

    Brandon weeden to Dallas cowboys

    Just let us be happy for a minute. Anywhere is better than Cleveland for him.
  9. John_05MAE

    If this team had Jurick

    If we're dreaming, we might as well have Bryant Reeves imo...
  10. John_05MAE


    Who cares about averages? They are/were both spectacular representatives of OSU and great players. 2 people that I would bet my bottom dollar that you'll never read a bad thing about them.
  11. John_05MAE


    When he hits his spot, squares up, and the ball gets passed to him, it's like it barely touches his hands before the shot is up.. it's almost automatic at that point.
  12. John_05MAE

    Joe Wickline named OC and O-Line Coach at Texas

    Which is even scarier, because the guy that was evidently worse than that guy is still here.
  13. John_05MAE

    Is Cox an Option

    Okay you win. We could probably go all night long with this Cox talk, but I'm a weenie and need some sleep.
  14. John_05MAE

    Is Cox an Option

    ..but it's not a stretch to say someone with Cox's size could bang around down low. His presence would definitely be felt.
  15. John_05MAE

    Is Cox an Option

    We should probably ease him into the lineup... that way it won't feel so awkward.
  16. John_05MAE

    Is Cox an Option

    Cox could probably fill the hole in the lineup with Cobbins out..
  17. John_05MAE

    Potential OL coach candidates?

    Also, he's currently making about $510,000 per link