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  1. JHaganOSU

    Cowboy Baseball vs. Ontario

    Saw Blue Jays + Canadian city and thought we were up against an MLB team... I was confused there for a sec.
  2. JHaganOSU

    Summer thread #4 - Your favorite campus memory

    Probably in the most embarrassing thread... Hey, that might make for interesting conversation
  3. JHaganOSU

    Summer thread #4 - Your favorite campus memory

    Well, it was originally the time I spent in the Cowboy Marching Band going to games and with the people that make it up, but since I proposed to my now-wife on the student union balcony, that one wins out (especially since she said yes)!
  4. JHaganOSU

    Robert Morris game ticket question

    The wife and I are involved with the alumni band for the Robert Morfis game, and now my parents want to come too. Should tickets be available at the door? Do you think they'd have a problem moving to sit near us?
  5. JHaganOSU

    Merry Christmas,!

    Wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases!
  6. JHaganOSU

    Jordy Mercer hit first MLB HR!

    Baseball was always my favorite sport growing up. Then, I went to college, started getting invested in OSU football, and realized that football was slowly creeping up on baseball in my heart. When you see MLB HR, and think 'Middle Linebacker, what the heck does HR stand for?' I think the...
  7. JHaganOSU

    Is Savannah St going to be televised?

    Is this done at I just accepted a new position that will have me working on Saturdays and am looking for a solution that would allow to get audio, if not video, after I get off of work.
  8. JHaganOSU


    Gray, black, white; gray, black, orange; gray, gray, white; gray, gray, black; gray, gray, orange.
  9. JHaganOSU

    This is how you preview Oklahoma State...

    Feel kind of dumb asking something like this, but what is F/+? I feel like it's something obvious that's just not clicking for me....
  10. JHaganOSU

    Looking for a BPS Photo

    Isn't that him on the Brand?
  11. JHaganOSU

    Ok State football cancels Air Force

    I agree with this idea, but man, it was fun to see App State take down Michigan a few years back...
  12. JHaganOSU

    What does your screen name mean?

    First initial, Last name, OSU
  13. JHaganOSU

    Student Union Renovation

    Wow... if it weren't for the Chi-O Clock and the Classroom building, I wouldn't have been sure of which part of the Union I was seeing. Looks great!
  14. JHaganOSU

    Which home football game should I go to?

    Am I the only one that finds it funny that Savannah State has more votes than Tech (right now 2 to 1)?
  15. JHaganOSU

    Fringe Traditions: Which one(s) will last?

    Never Been to Spain has been going on at least since I joined the band in '99
  16. JHaganOSU

    My Birthday Present From My Wife

    So........ you're asking Donnyboy for pics of my wife and I..... I don't know what you heard, but that camera is for my personal use only!
  17. JHaganOSU

    My Birthday Present From My Wife

    For my 100th post (I've been slacking, I know...), I wanted to show you guys what my wife did for me for my birthday. My wife turned our second bedroom into my new man cave, and then she spent all weekend doing this: I think I found a good one!
  18. JHaganOSU

    Way to Screw up again ESPN

    Reminds me of this. An oldie, but a goodie! He passes to the man..... and boom goes dynamite.
  19. JHaganOSU

    $5 tickets to Tulsa Houston game on Friday @ 11am

    At the risk of sounding like a Dr. Pepper salesman, you know there's an easy fix for that, right?