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    NWCA National Duals

    Also, the link is usually not active until the event starting time. The starting time is given as 5:45 Central.
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    Basketball Locker Construction Update

    OP: I've always been curious what the visitors' locker rooms look like. Done in all-pink pastel shades, I hope.
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    Nick Saban's practice idea ...

    An article in the Tulsa World caught my eye this morning. John Hoover was talking about a practice change that OU copied from Alabama and implemented this year. Saban’s method is essentially to split the squad up into two groups and thus maximize the individual practice repetitions. I like...
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    Denver Post - Brandon Weeden, OSU 2010 Preview

    QB Brandon Weeden trades minor-league baseball for Oklahoma State football By John Henderson, The Denver Post 08/09/10 After pitching in the minor leagues for five seasons, Brandon Weeden has become the No. 1 quarterback at Oklahoma State at age 26. NORMAN, Okla. — Brandon Weeden...
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    Stock exchange (OSU and Holder)

    24 hours to do the job ... and that's assuming no prairie wind comes along to make it tougher.
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    Zac picture in Wall St Journal

    They're also projecting a 33-23 Texas win. Prove 'em wrong guys!
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    Gameplanning against Georgia (long)

    Georgia fans believe their strength on offense is the O-line. They have some very talented running backs, too, but not as good as Moreno. In addition, the Georgia QB in 2009 will be a step down from Stafford's skill level. With the Cowboys' perceived weakness on the defensive line, it seems...
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    New Practice Video

    Terrific video -- excellent!
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    New commit Darius Hart

    - Hart has three years in which to play two. - Gundy has said that OSU will probably bring in about four JC players this year.