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    2015 Masters

    In the last nine years, no one outside the top 10 at the end of round 1 has won the Masters.
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    Rank the Big 12

    I wouldn't be surprised to see TCU, Baylor and OU end up in a three way.
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    Rank the Big 12

    well, If you want to play that game, if WE win out we'll be in the seat. In the other situation had TCU won, it would have been more difficult for ou to get there.
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    Rank the Big 12

    He is correct. If OU beats Baylor they are in the driver's seat. They win out and backdoor another conference title.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches week 8

    Listened to the postgame with Gundy. Did he say that he doesn't watch or monitor the offense during the game ? That might mean he's comfortable with the play calling, or it may mean he knows it's not what it should be. He gave a "Gundy" version of the effort of the team. So, if you want a...
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    Some coaches recognize the dangers of the "rut" while others find it comfortable. Look closely at those who have been in the game for 15+ years. If they are still having success, it is because they have embraced, even searched for the next new thing or assistant coach with new ideas. What is...
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    Charlie Weis fired

    Heupel is looking.
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    Bobby Reid's role

    I asked and was told he is an assistant position coach.
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    Bobby Reid's role

    Thanks. Quality Control. Ok
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    Bobby Reid's role

    If I missed a discussion about BR's addition to the coaching staff, I apologize. What exactly is his role ?
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    Any update on Walsh?

    I kept thinking during the game, that if Daxx was going to be the starter due to JW's injury being serious, that Gundy would pull him and we'd see Rudolph. It never happened. I assumed that meant JW was okay. I guess we'll know soon enough.
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    Any update on Walsh?

    about an hour after the game, JW was at BWW and he was on crutches. He didn't say anything about broken, fractured, or cracked anything. But he didn't say anything about it being a high ankle sprain either. He was specifically asked about the foot/ankle and he didn't offer any info. Just said...
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    the offensive coordinator.

    postgame Gundy "we've lost our last three games in the last 5 minutes. We've got to come up with a plan so we can finish" Is that coach speak for I need to take over in the last 5 minutes ?
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    Bowl Gifts

    don't know if the Kartsotis boys are alums but sister Kathy and her childern are. As added OSU trivia, the Gundys and Kartsotis families are friends.
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    Gameday Sign thread

    Corso is a penis !!
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    Saban to Texas?

    The wheels are turning in Austin. If by chance........what does it mean for us down the road?
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    SI Report Editorial: What It All Means

    When were we the laughing stock of the big 12 ?
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    It's Time To Ride

    And hell's coming with us !!!!!!
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    Adrian Peterman sideline interview

    no attempt to analyze, just didn't want to misquote the guy. He said something like "he wanted to be the kind of player Barry was" "Barry didn't have all the records but....." "he made people miss". The jist was that he would rather be compared to Sanders than any of the other greats.
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    Adrian Peterman sideline interview

    During the Vikings preseason game yesterday, Adrian Peterson was asked who was/is the greatest NFL RB ? He responded by saying, "Barry Sanders". His motivation may be questioned, but his answer was carefully crafted. I would quote him, but didn't dvr the game. Does anyone have a vidclip of...