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  1. McalPoke

    Spring Game

    I know there's going to be one on the 18th but haven't heard if it's open to the public. I know there are posters on here that are "in" on OSU athletic stuff. So what's the deal on the spring game?
  2. McalPoke

    Keurig Brewers

    Ok, my Keurig Platinum brewer died (the pressure pump gave out). I know I can buy a new pump but it's not the easiest thing to install. So I'm resigned to buying a new coffee brewer. I prefer to buy ground coffee and use the refillable Cafe Cups instead of buying the expensive pods. Much...
  3. McalPoke

    Garth Brooks Birthday Concert

    His birthday was yesterday.
  4. McalPoke

    Looking for 2 Tix to OSU/WVU BB, 2/21/15

    If you have a couple tickets you won't be using and would like to sell, let me know. Thanks.
  5. McalPoke

    Some harsh words about Justin Gilbert I think Justin can turn it around next season.
  6. McalPoke

    Explain Yourself, Sooners

    Who the hell wants to smell like a Sooner??
  7. McalPoke

    Need 1 Ticket to UTSA Game

    I'm looking to buy 1 ticket to the UTSA game, 13 Sep, preferably in Section 209.
  8. McalPoke


    At the gym this morning a guy had on a shirt that on the front said BEAT HIGH On the back it said You Wear ORANGE Because you ran out of GR$$N The ORANGE was orange and the GR$$N was green. I assumed it was an OU fan and the shirt was a dig at OSU but I couldn't figure it out. Adding to my...
  9. McalPoke

    "Baylor is Trash"

    Not that I disagree with him, but maybe beat them before you start talking trash.
  10. McalPoke

    Frank Haith to Tulsa?

    Could be
  11. McalPoke

    Girl Banned from School Because Her Looks Aren't Biblical

    If you have kids in a Christian school get them out as fast as you can. An 8-year-old girl in Virginia has been told that she can not return to her Christian school because...
  12. McalPoke

    CBS Sports Hot Seat He thinks we make the tourney and Ford is safe.
  13. McalPoke

    Need Basketball Tickets

    Looking for 2 tickets for either: 2/1/14 - Baylor 2/15/14 - OU 2/22/14 - Tech Send me a pm if you have any. Thanks.
  14. McalPoke

    DGB Arrested And he's still pushing off on Tyler Patmon.
  15. McalPoke

    So Where Do We Wind Up in The Final Ranking?

    Now that the sting of the Cotton Bowl has somewhat worn off, and there's only one bowl game of any consequence remaining, where do you think we will wind up in the final BCS rankings? I think we fall 4 spots to #17. This is how I see it coming out: 1. Florida State/Auburn winner 2. Michigan...
  16. McalPoke

    Chick-fil-a Bowl

    Even though I have a lot of points on A&M, I'm loving the beatdown Duke is laying on the aggies.
  17. McalPoke

    Independent Investigation

    Does anybody know if Mr. Smrt started his investigation into the SI allegations yet?
  18. McalPoke

    TW Headlines

    The Tulsa World is usually pretty fair to OSU football and nothing in today's coverage was wrong or unfair. But here are two headlines about the OSU and UO games in today's TW: Cowboys survive a scare (Jimmie Tramel) Close win shows OU is playing with poise (John Hoover) smh
  19. McalPoke

    Illegal Forward Pass

    Does anybody have a vid of the "illegal forward pass" on the botched punt that we recovered but weren't given? I'm still shaking my head on that one.
  20. McalPoke

    One KSU Ticket Section 209

    With seatback. $90 ticket will sell for $60. Can meet Saturday at BPS.