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  1. Chunks

    Injured QB thread

    You don’t think that is widespread in the NFL? Also, coaches like Belichick exploit the list. Hell, I think half the team is always listed as questionable.
  2. Chunks

    TCU vs UO...BU vs Texas...Last Hope for Big 12 Championship game

    Buzzsaw... I was hoping I could come back to a big pile of crow...
  3. Chunks

    TCU vs UO...BU vs Texas...Last Hope for Big 12 Championship game

    I love the optimism and will be rooting for Bu to smash OU but the reality is they are not that good. The phrase it’s better to be lucky than good applies to them. Unfortunately they have a target on their back and will run head first into a buzzsaw this evening.
  4. Chunks

    Mason v. Baker Tonight

    It’s not though. Sure mechanically it’s the same but as with most things in life, the mental aspect is as important. In college he might have played against 1 nfl caliber secondary player per week, if that. When you are superior to the defense, that confidence gives you a mindset that elevates...
  5. Chunks

    Pokes IN CFP

    Id like to see it happen but it would take a lot. I think at this point Utah is out no matter what. Oregon has a shot but it would probably take a major upset to get in there. The problem with Oregon’s loss though, is that it could be competing with potentially 3 - 1 loss teams in the SEC with...
  6. Chunks


    Oh they see it, guaranteed. Whether they care or not depends on the person. Not only do they see it but their parents, friends, community members. Could you imagine googling your sons name and seeing him insulted by “fans” of a team that he busts his ass for.
  7. Chunks

    Ames: Best Places to Pregame?

    Yeah! Real fans only support teams when they’re good!
  8. Chunks

    Jahmyl Jeter enters the transfer portal

    Whoopsie, I keep forgetting he took a RS. Yeah I’d imagine he’s going pro.
  9. Chunks

    Jahmyl Jeter enters the transfer portal

    I’ve heard amazing things about Glass. Can’t say I’d be shocked If he was #2 next year behind Chuba with LD being a situational back. I think Jeter is in a situation where he will be competing to be the #2 back in 2 years assuming Chuba goes pro after next season.
  10. Chunks

    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    I agree with you on most of this but argue with the placement of that first GAP. OSU gave UT all they wanted in Austin and lost by less than a TD. This was all while having questionable play calling on short yardage and red zone. I think these two teams are on par with each other, UT just...
  11. Chunks

    the ESPN + thread

    We don’t want to complain about the millions of dollars that funnel into our athletic departments from broadcast corporations, we only want to complain about what channel and time they decide to broadcast the game they paid for. ;)
  12. Chunks

    the ESPN + thread

    When was the last game that we had that was not televised at all? I honestly cannot remember (maybe because I was at the game?) I remember looking forward to road game tv announcements. No to see when or which channel, but to see IF I would get to watch it or listen to it on the radio. Although...
  13. Chunks

    Chuba Hubbard Runs Wild; Defense dominates in Cowboys Win

    Man I get what you’re saying and probably used to agree with that sentiment. I used to think that college should adopt NFL rules of spot foul. However, in the last 5 years all the rule changes have really opened the passing game and made it very difficult to defend. A QB snaps the ball. You...
  14. Chunks

    Big 12 Games: Week 3

    Last year?
  15. Chunks

    Big 12 Games: Week 3

    Can’t tell if serious.
  16. Chunks

    Sanders best running QB since Tony Lindsey?

    It’s way too early to tell. We have a sample of 1 game against a team with 1 D1 win over the last 2 seasons. You can see that he has some speed, elusiveness, a good arm, all the right tools are there but we’re really not going to know what we even have for this year until we go to Austin. He...
  17. Chunks


    So we went 1-6 in conference?
  18. Chunks


    Lol I love when people take an odd sample to try to prove a point that no one cares about. Stats are like buttholes, if you stretch them right, you can get them to fit anything. I guess anything he can do to make WVU seem relevant. They will be in a war with TTU and KSU to not be in 9the place.
  19. Chunks

    Preseason All Big 12

    That was the first thing I noticed. As many defensive guys as OU, UT, and TCU combined. To be fair they maybe the only team that tried on defense last year.
  20. Chunks

    Summer Thread #3: Your Orange Obsession

    Thanks! She’s awesome! Cut your kids cable, worked for us. ;)