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  1. TheJimReaper6

    OSU vs Pittsburgh Wrestling

    There’s a transfer that we’re try to bring in next year. We’ll have Konner Doucet in 2020 and Kyle Haas in 2021.
  2. TheJimReaper6

    What are you guys’ opinions on John Wozniak?

    I didn’t know about us rescinding our offer to Jacobs. What baggage did he have?
  3. TheJimReaper6

    What are you guys’ opinions on John Wozniak?

    Kavontre Bradford is the main one I know of. 4* recruit battling LSU for him.
  4. TheJimReaper6

    OSU reviews Hubbard pic

    Um what? Is this a joke making fun of the NCAA?
  5. TheJimReaper6

    What are you guys’ opinions on John Wozniak?

    I never really see him mentioned very much and I was curious on what people thought about him. I’m not super happy about whiffing on both Ngata and Jacobs but IDK how much of that is his fault. But Chuba is obviously amazing so IDK.
  6. TheJimReaper6

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    Is that really up to Mcendoo tho? Seems it’d be more up to Gundy and the OC.
  7. TheJimReaper6

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    That I could get on board with.
  8. TheJimReaper6

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    Eh honestly I think that’s be kind disrespectful to Mcendoo. I think he’s a good coach. Ain’t his fault we never use our Cowboy Backs.
  9. TheJimReaper6

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    Honestly who could we demote? I think all of our offensive coaches are doing good jobs.
  10. TheJimReaper6

    Football 2020 RB Daniyel Ngata

    I’d guess that’s how it works. Kinda strange to sign now but not announce it for almost 2 weeks but whatever floats his boats.
  11. TheJimReaper6

    Chuba award thread

    He’ll get robbed again by whatever RB Wiscy, or Bama, or Ohio State churns out.
  12. TheJimReaper6

    Football 2020 DT Sawyer Goram-Welch

    Is Draper still at OU?
  13. TheJimReaper6

    [Wrestling] #9 'Princeton of the Plains' hosts the real Princeton (#12). Friday @ 7 on ESPN+

    Stallfanik did not deserve to win. Dude backed up the entire time.
  14. TheJimReaper6

    Wallace #97 and Hubbard #131

    I don’t understand how Hubbard is so low?
  15. TheJimReaper6

    The Mandalorian

    The real reason Yoda went into hiding on Dagobah. To escape Child Support payments.
  16. TheJimReaper6

    Grayson Boomer is in the transfer portal

    Well this isn’t ideal. I wonder what happened?
  17. TheJimReaper6

    OSU vs Minnesota Wrestling

    Good win by Boo