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  1. Nolaeer

    Herp Derp The WVU thread of delusion.

    we need 12 games. Big 12 has an obligation to its TV partners to provide "x" number of games. If Oklahoma State or any other team who doesnt produce enough tv games, should get any cut in revenue taken out of their share. WVU is ready and willing to play 12 games. It will be hard to get good tv...
  2. Nolaeer

    Gee says football will go on even if players get

    From 247 sports: A name that is very familiar to Ohio State fans made some very interesting comments on Monday that are getting a lot of attention. West Virginia president E. Gordon Gee -- the former president at Ohio State -- appeared on the Paul Finebaum show on SEC Network. The conversation...
  3. Nolaeer

    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    NBA suspended its season. Jazz player has the virus. Tom Hanks and his wife have the virus. NCAA is considering cancelling March Madness. The Big 12 is banning fans from the rest of its games. NHL is considering suspending its season. WVU, TCU, and Baylor have closed their schools. Nebraska Head...
  4. Nolaeer

    Neal Brown can recruit!

    His 1st class at WVU, after having had the job less than a year, was the best in WVU's history. People laughed when he said earlier this year he expects to have a class well within the top 20. It's early, but: West Virginia has started the spring recruiting period off right by picking up one of...
  5. Nolaeer

    WVU wins 1st big 12 wrestling match

    A bit embarrassing, but at least we beat wyoming. We did beat OU and Iowa State last year, so it isnt the 1st win ever, but 1st this season.
  6. Nolaeer

    Huge brawl between KU and Kstate

    There will be multiple multi-game suspensions. This does affect OSU as those teams will both be shorthanded for quite a while. WWE type of brawl. Spilled into fans. Bad stuff...
  7. Nolaeer

    WVU v TT on ESPN

    right now
  8. Nolaeer

    Jett Duffy wont have the Cowboys to kick

    around anymore. Jett Duffy, who looked like Joe Namath against the Cowboys, has entered the transfer portal and was scooped up by Tulane. He will be a MAJOR headache for anyone who plays against him in Willie Fritz' spread option attack.
  9. Nolaeer

    I come bearing glad tidings Josh Still , WVU, to okstate

    Josh Still, an all big 12 guard who was hurt all of last season, has transferred from WVU to Oklahoma State. He apparently, didn't like the new oline coach moving him to center, which WVU did out of pure desperation. You got a good, solid, road grader who has 1 year left to play.
  10. Nolaeer

    Final Big 12 football rankings!

    1. OU-a loss to top 25 Kstate on the road. The rest? All wins. some laughingly easy, some struggles to the end. 2. Baylor. What a whooping Baylor put on Kansas in Lawrence. That was like an old Big 8 Nebraska whooping. 3. Oklahoma State- 8-4. No doubt who's 3rd. Tough loss at home to OU...
  11. Nolaeer

    Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

    1. OU- 10-1 and with a win in Waco, an undisputed number 1. They are, however, the worst power 5 topped ranked conference team. If they were in the SEC west, they'd likely have 5 losses or more. 2. Baylor. completely dominated Texas in all phases of the game. 24-3 until Tom herman called time...
  12. Nolaeer

    Big 12 week 12 Power rankings

    1. Oklahoma-Beat baylor in Waco, but looked mortal once again. Probably the worst power 5 conference champion if it wins out. 2. Baylor After almost losing to WVU and TCU in back to back weeks, Baylor hammers OU for a half and then plays like the game is over. A classic choke job. having your...
  13. Nolaeer

    Big 12 wrestling(preview)

    1. Oklahoma State-wins title every year. 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7. WVU someone with actual knowledge of wrestling will have to fill in the rest of the rankings. I'm sure WVU is dead last, but at least noah Adams won his 1st 2 tournaments of the year, so he cant be terrible.
  14. Nolaeer

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    1. Baylor. Unbeaten. they win ugly, but OU isnt looking so hot either these days. 2. OU. 1 loss, but not many quality wins. 3. Oklahoma State The Hubba express rolls on. Win @ Ames, Kstate get the Cowboys in 3rd. Not a lot of elite teams in the big 12 this season. 4. Texas wins over Oklahoma...
  15. Nolaeer

    Week 10 big 12 power rankings

    1. OU. Bye week. nothing changed. 2. Baylor-Ugly win over WVU. WVU had 8 sacks and 10 tfl. Against any other offense in big 12, baylor would have lost. Baylor is a true pretender. really have beaten no one, and have eeeked out wins against better teams. But they are, for now, unbeaten. 3...
  16. Nolaeer

    Week 9 Big 12 rankings

    1. OU-yes, I watched the game. They lost in Manhattan. It happens. Still the best team in the big 12. 2. baylor- Unbeaten, but dont have the resume of OU. 3. Texas. The close, hardfought loss to LSU, when texas was healthy, outweighs the kansas and TCU outings when they resembled a mash unit...
  17. Nolaeer

    Reason to bet on WVU to win hoops title

    1. the odds. Vegas gives WVU little chance to cut down the nets this season, what with Huggins coming off his worst season in his 43 year career. + 10000. Odds are too good to pass up! 2. WVU has consistently been the 2nd best team in the big 12 since it joined(not counting last year's...
  18. Nolaeer

    Big 12 rankings week 8

    1. OU. Aside from the covered wagon tipping over, not much drama in muderlizing a bad WVU team. 2. Baylor. Wins in Still water are never easy. Wins by 20 points are rare. Baylor is unbeaten and sports wins over Cowboys and Iowa State. Baylor is the clear number 2. 3. Texas Texas has beaten WVU...
  19. Nolaeer

    Big 12 hoops media preseason poll

    1. Kansas (8)........ 80 2. Baylor (1)......... 71 3. Texas Tech (1)... 62 4. Texas................ 57 5. West Virginia.... 45 6. Oklahoma State.... 42 7. Iowa State........... 30 8. Oklahoma........... 29 9. Kansas State....... 23 10. TCU.................. 11
  20. Nolaeer

    Big 12 week 7 power rankings

    1. Oklahoma (1) No brainer. Yes, Baylor is unbeaten, but OU spanked TT, while baylor needed big 12 refs to steal the win. OU has also beaten texas 2. Baylor (3) Unbeaten, so here until they lose. Baylor will not finish here. 3. Texas (2) Texas and ISU are closer than most think. Both best wins...